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Secondary education and the Internet: Labor will open the learning gateway.

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Kim Beazley, Michael Lee - Labor Will Open The Learning Gateway Wednesday, 10 October 2001

Labor Will Open The Learning Gateway Kim Beazley, Leader of the Opposition, and Michael Lee, Shadow Minister for Education

Joint Media Statement - 2 August 2000

A Beazley Labor Government will open The Learning Gateway - an Internet site offering education information, resources and tools to parents, teachers and students across Australia.

The Learning Gateway represents a further shift in the Commonwealth's role in education. Through this policy the Commonwealth will become a learning partner with individual parents and students across Australia.

The Learning Gateway will:

provide education information, resources and tools to students, parents and teachers; ●

give parents and students access to qualified teachers online; ● offer new modes of learning - through work and communication online; ●

improve education outcomes by giving students access to high quality learning materials; and ●

ensure Australia is at the cutting edge in developing multi-media education content. ●

It will give parents the information they need to play a greater role in their children's education including information on their children's curriculum; their expected progress; sample tests; advice on how to assist their child; and access to teachers online outside school hours.

It will give teachers access to teaching resources including the best

practice of their peers and high-quality Australian content.

It will give school students tools to improve their study, the opportunity to contact other students and links to the best available resources for learning, including high quality Australian content; self-assessment tools; chat rooms by subject and age; links to real world applications of the topic under study; and access to teachers online outside school hours.

As well as catering for primary and secondary education, The Learning Gateway will also deliver high quality online content relevant to vocational education and training courses, adult and community education and tertiary education. It will help adult education students find the right course, make it easier to enrol and complete their studies with distinction.

A Beazley Labor Government will also use The Learning Gateway to encourage the development of an Australian education content industry by commissioning high quality education content in areas like Australian history; multi-media maths and science problems; and case studies for biology, environmental studies, law and economics with Australian examples, images and accents.

Q & A - The Learning Gateway

How will this help families and students who don't have computers at home?

Not all Australians have computers at home but a growing number do. For those who don't the Learning Gateway will also be available in local libraries, through school computers and soon via datacasting through digital TV.

Don't the States have all the information on school curriculum?

Yes, we will need the co-operation of the States and Territories for the Learning Gateway to be fully effective.

Don't lots of schools already have their own websites?

Yes, and the Learning Gateway will provide links to individual school sites but will also offer a range and quality of resources that no one school could offer.

What about online universities, is that part of the Learning

Gateway plan?

In time, yes, but how that works will be something we will have to discuss with the universities. To begin we will have links to the universities' sites and information on course offerings and how to choose the right course and university. Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.