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Where we stand on human life: abortion, euthanasia and human clothing.

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• FAMILY FIRST opposes abortion and shares the community's view that the number of about 90,000 abortions in Australia each year is too high and should be reduced;

• FAMILY FIRST acknowledges that each of the states and territories has differing laws and levels of regulation of abortion;

• FAMILY FIRST voted against bringing the abortion drug RU486 into Australia;

• FAMILY FIRST is concerned about research that reveals how abortion harms women. Many women have abortions because they lack financial or emotional support. There is also evidence of psychological harm associated with abortion;

• FAMILY FIRST supports the Government's funding of independent counseling for women through Medicare;

• FAMILY FIRST wants women to have real and genuine choices about whether or not to have an abortion, including details of agencies that offer practical support - such as financial assistance, legal advice and parenting classes - to those who continue with their pregnancy;

• FAMILY FIRST opposes euthanasia and believes people with suicidal thoughts do not need lethal help, but life-saving assistance. There are many ways we can help people struggling with personal crises or major life transitions such as losing a loved one or job; a psychological disorder or alcohol and substance abuse. FAMILY FIRST supports palliative care as a successful way to alleviate pain and care for people in a dignified and respectful manner;

• FAMILY FIRST opposes cloning human embryos for research. FAMILY FIRST believes it is important to find cures, but that we should stick to research that has produced cures, which is research


using adult stem cells. There have been no cures using embryonic stem cells;

• FAMILY FIRST believes cloning human embryos for research is controversial and wrong. It is deliberately creating new human beings with the intention of destroying the embryos for research, for the promise of cures that may never come.


• FAMILY FIRST opposes legalizing abortion, where abortion would be legal under any circumstances, regardless of the age of the unborn child. Supporting the legalizing of abortion does not address women's real needs;

• FAMILY FIRST believes women considering an abortion should have independent counseling from a GP so they can have all the facts and make an informed decision. This should be followed by a 72 hour cooling off period to give women time, free from daily pressures, to absorb the information and consider the many issues involved. Women may also wish to have an ultrasound;

• FAMILY FIRST calls for more Government funding for agencies which provide practical support to women to continue with their pregnancies, such as the Caroline Chisholm Society in Melbourne. This is one way of fulfilling our obligation as a society to pregnant women faced with these difficult decisions;

• FAMILY FIRST took a strong stand against the publication of a suicide manual by euthanasia doctor Philip Nitschke and lobbied for the dangerous book to be banned;

• FAMILY FIRST calls for more Government funding to fund suicide prevention and support desperate and vulnerable Australians who contemplate suicide;

• FAMILY FIRST voted against the human cloning of embryos and continues to campaign for the Government to focus solely on the research which is producing results; research using adult stem cells.