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Warrnambool '80: 64th Annual Conference of the National Party

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Affiliated with the NationalCountry Party of Australia NOTICE TO MEMBERS






from THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 1980, at 2.00 p.m.

National Party 24 Collins Street, J.W. COMING

Melbourne, 3000 State Director.


The State President takes the chair at 2 p.m. on Thursday.

Minutes of the 63rd Conference.


State President - Annual Report.

Agenda Items.

General Business including - special motions permitted by Conference and any other business that may properly be brought forward, discussed and determined.

Installation of incoming Central Council.

The Official Opening of the Conference will take place at 8 p.m. on Friday at the Capitol Theatre, Warrnambool, when the delegates and visitors will be welcomed by the Mayor of the City of Warrnambool.

Conference will be opened by the State Leader, Mr. Peter Ross-Edwards M.P.

24 Collins Street J.W. Cuming, State Director, Melbourne. 6/3/1980. National Party.

IMPORTANT - At the Official Opening of Conference the State President will take the chair at 8.00 p.m. Delegates are requested to be in their seats by 7 . 55 p .m. and not enter or leave the hall whilst the State President is addressing Conference or during the opening address.

For the convenience of branch representatives, delegate badges will be available in the foyer of the Capitol Theatre, Warrnambool, from Thursday afternoon.



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GENERAL.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..3-7

FINANCE.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..7-11

INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 11-12

PRIMARYINDUSTRY .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 12-13

TRANSPORT & COMMUNICATIONS .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 14-16

RESOURCES.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 16-18

EDUCATION.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..18-19

HEALTH& WELFARE .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 19-20

SUPPLEMENTARY AGENDA .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 21-23

RESTATEMENTS.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 24



1 LOWAN AEDC That the law forcing manufacturers to make only metric

calibrated steel tapes and other measuring devices be amended to allow either metric or imperial measurements.

2 NORWELL AEDC That the Railways be asked to eradicate all noxious weeds on Railways property.

Glengarry N P Branch

3 MURRAY VALLEY AEDC That this Branch urge both Federal and State Governments to do all in their power to create job opportunities for

the young people of Australia.

Katunga N P Branch

4 MURRAY VALLEY AEDC That Conference expresses its concern at the fire risk associated with rotten and worn out S E C power poles.

Yarrawonga N P Branch

5 NARRACAN AEDC That the Lands Department be asked for a concerted

effort to eliminate blackberries and ragwort in the Strzelecki Ranges

Sea-View N P Branch

6 POLWARTH AEDC That this Conference condemns Union actions which result in such suffering and death of stock and that the R.S.P.C.A. take action in these cases.



7 GISBORNE AEDC Tall handlebars on bicycles be outlawed as they restrict safe control of the machine.

Daylesford N P Branch

8 MIDLANDS AEDC That it be made compulsory for all landowners to have firebreaks on the north and west boundaries of properties,

as in New South Wales.

Bridgewater N P Branch

9 MIDLANDS AEDC That Central Council hold occasional meetings in country areas where it would help sitting Members or prospective candidates in promoting the National Party as a dynamic Party representing the interests of rural people and urban dwellers in provincial cities.

Kangaroo Flat N P Branch

10 CENTRAL COUNCIL In view of the election victory by acknowledged Marxists in Zimbabwe and given the fact that Angola and Mozambique are Marxist States, this Conference urges the Federal Government to revise its policy on Southern Africa

in the context of the threat to Australia's communications and the security of the Indian Ocean.

Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee

11 PORT PHILLIP AEDC This Conference condemns the State Government for their failure to take effective steps to curb crime in Victoria and urges the State Parliamentary Wing of the National Party to introduce a Bill during the next Parliamentary

Session seeking the immediate re-introduction of capital punishment for premeditated murder and acts of terrorism. Eastern Metropolitan N P Branch


12 PORT PHILLIP AEDC This Conference support the Federal Coalition

Government in its efforts to upgrade the defences of Australia in line with National Party Policy.

Eastern Metropolitan N P Branch

13 RODNEY AEDC That this Conference ascertain from the S.E.C. the criteria used in making decisions on whether or not

farmers are charged when upgrading becomes necessary in rural electric supply installations.

Leitchville/Cohuna N P Branches

14 WARRNAMBOOL AEDC That we call upon the Federal Government to honour its election (last) promises to practice Government Departmental

economies and not to dismantle Medibank.

Dunkeld/Woodhouse N P Branch

15 WESTERNPORT AEDC That this Conference recognises the need for the continued grazing of national parks, to reduce fire risk.

Korumburra N P Branch

16 WESTERNPORT AEDC That this Conference recommends that alcohol advertising on T.V. be banned.

Wonthaggi N P Branch



17 BALLARAT AEDC This Conference expresses its concern about the unobjective biased reporting of some T•lelbourne media,

in particular, the Melbourne "Age", towards National Party activities and personalties.

Cardigan/Windermere N P Branch

18 BALLARAT AEDC That this Conference supports the concept of legal class actions. (Individuals, small business, and farmers cannot match alone the financial resources available in large Companies and multinationals in contesting legal issues.)

Cardigan/Windermere N P Branch

19 BENALLA AEDC SWAN HILL AEDC That the National Party urge the Government to review their decision not to re-introduce National Service.

Terip Terip N P Branch Donald WSITP Branch

20 BENDIGO AEDC That the Victorian Police Force be increased.

Bendigo N P Branch

21 BENDIGO AEDC That in order to give better protection and service to the community as a whole, one man Police Stations be retained, and they have authority to test applicants

for car and tractor driving licences.

Bendigo N P Branch



22 GIPPSLAND SOUTH AEDC That Public Servants should not be allowed maternity leave while single female teachers and public servants

cannot find employment.

Sale N P Branch

FINANCE -23 CENTRAL COUNCIL To overcome the serious backlog in Defence Service Home Loans, the Federal Government be urged to

significantly increase this year's Budget allocation.

Health Committee

24 MIDLANDS AEDC This Conference requests the State Government to conduct an Inquiry into the impact of public liability claims on local authorities and community committees, with a view to a maximum limit being placed upon claims, and

the Government providing public liability cover for all community committees.

Mitiamo/Calivil N P Branch

25 MILDURA AEDC That we strongly protest at the Government policy of reducing finance to the Vermin and Noxious Weeds Board, which has reduced staffing to a point at which much of the Board's previous gains have been lost.

Hopetoun & Rainbow N P Branches

26 SWAN HILL AEDC This Conference presses for 100% tax deduction on new rural fencing costs during the year these costs are incurred.

Ultima N P Branch



FINANCE -27 RIPON AEDC That this Conference express grave concern at the ever increasing rate burden imposed under the present Municipal rating system on ratepayers and request Parliamentary representatives to press for a higher percentage of Federal revenue to Municipal rate revenue in the financing of Local Government.

28 RIPON AEDC That the National Party press for the total abolition of Probate Duty in the State of Victoria.

Lake Bolac N P Branch

29 RODNEY AEDC That this Conference believes defence is the responsibility of all Australians and therefore is a taxpayer's responsibilty and should not be financed by any windfall gains from the present Oil Pricing Policy of the Federal Government.

Leitchville N P Branch

30 SWAN HILL AEDC That G.E.B. capital works be paid by loan funds and not by levy.

Quambatook N P Branch

31 WARRNAMBOOL AEDC That Warrnambool A.E.D.C. Council requests the Federal Government to review and revise the tax policy to give

added incentive to all Australians in private enterprise Dunkeld/Woodhouse N P Branch




That the financial burdens of any

sanctions on trade with Russia be borne by the whole community of Australia.

Terip Terip N P Branch

33 BENAMBRA AEDC WARRNAMBOOL AEDC That the State Government accept full responsibility

for the financing of fire services.

Greta Branch N P Dunkeld/Woodhouse N P Branch

34 GIPPSLAND EAST AEDC That the National Party investigate proposal for a National Compensation scheme to improve compensation

for all forms of injury for all the community.

35 GISBORNE AEDC SHEPPARTON AEDC That a Family Allowance Capitalisation Scheme be

introduced in Australia.

Diggers Rest N P Branch

36 PORT PHILLIP AEDC • In view of the windfall tax profits that the Commonwealth Government has made as a result of the recent alarming rise in the price of oil and petrol, this Conference urges the Federal Government to bring a general tax cut of 5% and

increase the spouse taxation allowance to $800.

Eastern Metropolitan N P Branch



37 FORT PHILLIP AEDC This Conference urges the Federal Government to reduce the Housing Loans Interest Rate to 5% to assist all Australians with the purchase of their first house.

Eastern Metropolitan N P Branch

38 RODNEY AEDC Municipal sewerage and water rates should be charged as a flat rate, plus an excess water rate for additional water usages rather than the present Victorian requirement of a percentage of house valuation.

Rochester N P Branch

39 CENTRAL COUNCIL This Conference reminds the Federal National Country Party of its election promise to establish at Federal level a Young Farmers Establishment Scheme. Conference is of the opinion that it is time this promise was honoured.

Primary Industry Committee

40 CENTRAL COUNCIL This Conference requests that both State and Federal Governments co-operate to ensure an adequate level of funds is available to Local Government so that Local Government can meet its responsibilities for road maintenance and construction.

Transport, Industry and Communications Committee

41 MILDURA AEDC That the Federal Government be urged to give more assistance to inventors who are researching energy saving

engines and devices.

Ouyen N P Branch


42 MILDURA AEDC That Conference request the Federal Government to give protection to small inventors to safeguard them from take-overs.

Ouyen N P Branch

INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS -43 BENALLA AEDC (a) All awards must be legally enforceable on both


(b) Both parties must go to Arbitration within a fixed period after the start of a dispute and the decision be legally binding on both. (c) There should be a nation wide day on which all

union elections are held and voting should be compulsory.

Nagambie N P Branch

44 BENDIGO AEDC That Conference seeks the immediate implementation of stated National Party policy of consultations between

employers, employees and Government, with a view to containing the escalating costs of wages. (These are detrimental to both existing small businesses and to our unemployed youth, by precluding any increases in numbers of persons employed.)

Bendigo W S N P Branch

45 GIPPSLAND SOUTH AEDC That wage rises because of the consumer price index figures be on a flat basis and not on a percentage

f wage and salary.

Rosedale N P Branch



46 CENTRAL COUNCIL That the Victorian Government should study recent

Commonwealth Western Australian and Queensland industrial legislation in an endeavour to redress the industrial balance back from unions to the elected

Government of this State.

Industrial Relations Committee

PRIMARY INDUSTRY -47 CENTRAL COUNCIL That the Federal National Country Party work with the dairy industry to replace the Federal Government's present annual minimum price guarantee with a five year stabilisation scheme similar to that recently provided for the wheat industry.

Primary Industry Committee

48 YOUNG NATIONAL PARTY STATE COUNCIL That the Numurkah Young Nationals would like to see the discontinuation of all competitive dairy products imported

into Australia, e.g. cheese from New Zealand.

Numurkah YNP Branch

49 BENALLA AEDC That the limitation on the export of Kangaroo Meat and by-products (leather, etc.) be lifted and further

efforts be made by the Federal Government to persuade the U.S. Government to lift their import bans.

Goorambat N P Branch

50 BENAMBRA AEDC That Conference push for the re-introduction of wheat

silo zoning.

Chiltern N P Branch



51 GIPPSLAND AEDC That the National Party press for the rationalisation of meat inspection services to eliminate expensive duplicating of State and Commonwealth administration.

52 MIDLANDS AEDC Brucellosis testing for stud sheep be exempt from testing charges as with cattle.

Bridgewater N P Branch

51 POLWARTH AEDC This Conference recognises that cricket plagues are an increasing problem and urges the Government to give

immediate assistance and pay a direct grant of fifty per cent, of the cost of cricket control and initiate research into the biological control of crickets.

Derrinallum N P Branch

54 YOUNG NATIONAL PARTY STATE COUNCIL RODNEY AEDC That the Federal National Party give full support on

the Australian Dairy Farmers' Federation Policy on New Zealand cheese imports. (This Policy is: (a) That the A.D.F.F. negotiate annual import quotas from New Zealand from a base of 4,000 tonnes or

the equivalent percentage of domestic sales of Australian produced cheese in 1978/79. (b) That the A.D.F.F. endeavour to attract compensation from the Australian Government for

the loss to Australian dairy farmers resulting from cheese imports from New Zealand; compensation to be calculated on the basis of the total tonnage of imports from New Zealand multiplied by the Levy.)

Leitchville N P Branch



55 CENTRAL COUNCIL Vehicles be permitted to make left hand turns against a red traffic signal at such times as it is safe to do so.

Industry, Communications and Transport Committee.

56 YOUNG NATIONAL PARTY STATE COUNCIL That instead of having a separate motor bike licence and having to pay $30 every three years it should be an

endorsement on your normal car licence, i.e. an endorsed licence like. your heavy duty licence and articulated licence.

Numurkah Y N P Branch

57 LOWAN AEDC That Conference supports the re-opening and re-building the Balmoral railway.

58 LOWAN AEDC That this Lowan A.E.D.C. requests that fees on private radio stations be reduced to the level of fees payable

on citizen band two way radio sets.

59 MORWELL AEDC In the interests of fuel economy motor vehicle emission control standards should be eased on motor vehicles garaged outside the metropolitan area.

Hazelwood/Norwell N P Branch



60 MURRAY VALLEY AEDC That Telecom be requested to conduct a review of telephone charges in order to lessen the load country businesses have to carry in their attempts to conduct decentralised industry.

Cobram N P Branch

61 NARRACAN AEDC This Branch protests about the increase in cost of postage.

Sea-View N P Branch

62 SHEPPARTON AEDC That the National Party support the principle of

freedom in road transport.

63 SWAN HILL AEDC That the Government be urged to retain the present railway network, that priority be given to the up-grading of the whole system, and investigation begin into the use of our coal resources for locomotive


Murrabit N P Branch

64 - Withdrawn.



65 MORWELL AEDC That petrol prices should be standardised throughout

the State.

Hazelwood/Morwell N P Branch


MILDURA AEDC BENAMBRA AEDC BENALLA AEDC This Conference is strongly opposed to the Federal Government policy of world parity pricing for crude oil. Seventy per cent. of Australia's crude oil is from local resources. (This seventy per cent, was either in

production or discovered prior to the said policy. In the eyes of the rural community it is a revenue raising policy, which highly disadvantages the primary producer, transport operators and some small country enterprises directly. In the longer term it influences all Australian

citizens for it has to greatly increase inflation in the basic commodities of food, clothing and many others too numerous to mention.) Numurkah Y N P Branch

Wangaratta, Ouyen and Chiltern N P Branches

67 RIPON AEDC The National Party persuade their coalition partner

that because the increase in O.P.E.C. oil prices has been more rapid than expected, we implement a short term price freeze on petroleum products to allow time for the economy to adjust, whilst still retaining the sensible principle

of world parity oil pricing as a long term policy.

Ararat N P Branch



68 NARRACAN AEDC WESTERNPORT AEDC This Conference views with concern the fuel situation

in Australia particularly the pricing system, and requests the Federal Government to conduct a Royal Commission or an enquiry into fuel supplies and pricing.

Bena N P Branch


This Conference condemns the rise in L.P.G. prices and requests a comprehensive enquiry into the price of L.P.G.

Corryong N P Branch Lake Bolac N P Branch

70 MURRAY VALLEY AEDC RIPON AEDC That the Government lift the subsidy on liquid petroleum gas from $80 per tonne to $200 per tonne


Wangaratta N P Branch Lake Bolac N P Branch

71 BALLARAT AEDC This Conference urges the Federal Government to give

top priority to the funding of research and development into alternative fuels.

Cardigan/Windermere N P Branch

72 MILDURA AEDC That the Federal Government be requested to create a satisfactory price differential between the consumer price of diesel fuel, L.P. gas, electricity and coal, to encourage all stationary users of fuel to use L.P. gas,

electricity and coal, thereby leaving diesel fuel for mobile use. Hopetoun N P Branch



73 RODNEY AEDC This Conference considers that contrary to B.A.E. statements that the Federal Government should not subsidise

fuel used for primary production, that this should be done to give them fuel prices comparable with those of their main agricultural competitors.

Milloo N P Branch

74 BENAMBRA AEDC This conference expresses disappointment with the acceptance by the State Government of the Lands Conservation Council's recommendations for the Alpine area and supports the multiple use of public lands and, in particular,

endorses cattle grazing and timber harvesting in the Victorian Alps.

Eskdale N P Branch


75 BALLARAT AEDC Recognising the tremendous contribution made to economic and social life in country areas by country tertiary and

sub-tertiary Collegesand the country Universities, this Conference states its view that the Federal Government should provide scholarships of considerable value tenable

only in country institutions. (This action should be in addition to the TEAS. Scheme, and taould ensure the continued existence and development of decentralised institutions.)

Cardigan/Windermere N P Branch

76 LOWAN AEDC That because country areas are pen alised with fewer numbers of students attending school, particularly

secondary schools, we urgently require a lower minimum student teacher ratio to apply in order that country students are able to have better opportunity to elective subjects.



77 MILDURA AEDC That students who are forced to live away from home to further their education should not be subjected to a means test when applying for TEAS, grants.

Rainbow N P Branch

78 SWAN HILL AEDC BENALLA AEDC With regard to the selecting of books to be studied

for the subject of English literature in secondary schools, we ask that a small Committee comprised of teachers and parents be formed to choose the books.

Quambatook N P Branch Terip Terip N P Branch

79 WARRNAMBOOL AEDC That living away allowance for student children in isolated rural areas should be available to all children

on an adjusted realistic means test, indexed to consumer price increases, on a yearly basis.

Dunkeld/Woodhouse N P Branch

HEALTH & WELFARE -80 CENTRAL COUNCIL That the Government reintroduce the 40% Government medical rebate for G.P. services - as has been the

case under Liberal/National Country Party Governments since the early 1 950 ' s . (To remove the present inequity in the medical insurance arrangements following the last change to the Federal Government Health Scheme.)

Health and Welfare Committee



81 WESTERNPORT AEDC That this Conference strongly opposes a National Superannuation Fund. (This is because of the inflationary pressures and unemployment it will create.)

Wonthaggi N P Branch

82 MURRAY VALLEY AEDC In order to support the 'family' (a) The spouse taxation rebate be increased to provide

greater equity for single income families; (b) Family allowances be increased to restore their real value.

Katunga N P Branch

83 BENAI'BRA AEDC That the present system of unemployment relief be restructured so that the unemployment subsidy is paid

through an employer and not directly to the unemployed, the benefit only payable upon receipt of work for an employer at the award rate of pay and that the scheme be administered stringently by the Commonwealth Employment Service.

Chiltern N P Branch

84 GIPPSLAND SOUTH AEDC That aid should be made available through medical benefits where wigs need to be purchased because of loss

of hair through illness.

Sale N P Branch

85 GIPPSLAND SOUTH AEDC That the National Party push for free milk to be re-introduced into primary schools.

Sale N P Branch



S.1 MURRAY VALLEY AEDC That primary producers be exempt from Payroll Tax.

Cobram N P Branch

S.2 BENAMBRA AEDC To encourage farmers who do not use extension services provided by Government departments such as Agriculture and Soil Conservation Authority, Conference advocates

that specially selected farmers be employed by the Government to act as liason officers between these farmers and the technical staff of the various departments.

Greta N P Branch

S.3 LOWAN AEDC That Lowan A.E.D.C. condemns the Federal Government for the lack of foresight in surrendering the right of the A.B.C. to televise cricket to the Packer organisation.


That the Regulations controlling

types of fire extinguishers recommended for Government and Departmental buildings be investigated as to their efficiency.

Goorambat N P Branch

S.5 LOWAN AEDC That Lowan A.E.D.C. supports the Honourable B. Dunn, MLC in his opposition to compulsory fitting of roll bars.



S.6 MIDLANDS AEDC Vehicle owners without full comprehensive insurance be made to have compulsory third party property damage


Bridgewater N P Branch

S.? LOWAN AEDC That Lowan A.E.D.C. voices its opposition to establishment of Casinos in Victoria and calls upon the

Parliamentary National Party to oppose Casinos in Victoria.

S.8 MILDURA AEDC That the Grain Elevators Board erect proposed extra storages in areas where grain is produced, and where

elevating facilities already exist.

Rainbow N P Branch

S.9 GIPPSLAND SOUTH AEDC That in view of the Government's policy of extending the National Parks and Crown Land wildernesses, the Government accept full responsibility for vermin and noxious weeds and readily make available funds to control

these weeds.

Rosedale N P Branch

5.110 MILDURA AEDC That all medical and be made tax deductible.

health insurance fund payments

Patchewollock N P Branch



S. 11 MILDURA. AEDC That this conference requests the Federal Government to abolish the excise duty on lighting kerosene.

Mildura N P Branch



R.1 WESTERNPORT AEDC RODNEY AEDC That this Conference urges the Government to

reintroduce universal National Service training.

Bass N P Branch Echuca N P Branch

R.2 SHEPPARTON AEDC That the Federal National Country Party be asked to bring about an equalisation of telephone charges.

R.3 SWAN HILL AEDC That we strongly oppose any proposal to extend the

period of daylight saving, and that we press for the abolition of daylight saving.

Quambatook N P Branch




State President : MrsS.M. McKerrow (Diggers Rest) Immed. Past State President : Hon. D.M. Evans MLC (Moyhu) Senior Vice-President : Mr. I.A. Wood (Rainbow) Mr. S.R. McDonald (Timmering East)

Junior Vice-President : Mr. L. Neal (Myrtleford) Treasurer : Mr. J.C. Vinall (Morwell) National Outlook Board: Mr. L. Neal (Myrtleford)


Mr. F.R.I. Stephens BENAMBRA: Mr. W.B. Hotson BENDIGO:

Mr. L.T. Lourens GIPPSLAND EAST: Mr. J.K. King Mr. M.V.S. Dennis GIPPSLAND SOUTH:

Mr. G.D. Gooding GISBORNE Mr. G.K. Orr LOWAN:


Mr. G.A.J. Stone MILDURA: Mr. M. Willersdorf


Mr. H.A. Hewson POLWARTH: Mr. G.J. Anderson PORTLAND:

Mr. I.0. Adamson

RIPON: Mr. B.J. Cheesman RODNEY: Mr. J.M. Johnson SHEPPARTON:

Mr. P.G. Mitchell SWAN HILL: Mr. J.M. Parker WARRNAMBOOL:

Mr. G.D. Dyson WESTERNPORT: Mr. L.J. Wintle

STATE PARLIAMENTARY REPRESENTATIVES: Mr. P. Ross-Edwards MLA (Shepparton) Mr. M.S. Whiting MLA (Mildura) Hon. B.P. Dunn MLC (North Western)

FEDERAL PARLIAMENTARY REPRESENTATIVES: Hon. P.J. Nixon MP (Gippsland) Sen. the Hon. J.J. Webster/ Mr. B. Lloyd M.P. (Murray)

YOUNG NATIONAL PARTY OF AUSTRALALIA: Mr. M.J. Buzza Mr. P.J. McNamara WOMEN'S SECTION REPRESENTATIVES: Mesdames B.M. Mowat, E.M. Watson, L.A. Cameron, M.C. McNamara, E. Taylor

STATE DIRECTOR: J.W. Cuming AUDITOR: Court & Co. 25


1980 - 1981


Mr. F.R.I. Stephens JUNIOR VICE-PRESIDENT: Mr. B.J. Cheesman Mr. P.J. McNamara

Mr. A.N. Psalti



Mr. A.N. Psalti


BALLARAT: *Mrs. E.M. Moodie BENALLA: *Mr. F.R.I. Stephens BENAMBRA:

*Mr. W.B. Hotson BENDIGO: *Mr. L.T. Lourens GIPPSLAND EAST:

*Mr. M.V.S. Dennis GIPPSLAND SOUTH: Mr. M.R. Gay Mr. I.W. Heywood


*Mr. H.A. Hewson POLWARTH: * Mr. G.J. Anderson PORTLAND:

*Mr. 1.0. Adamson RIPON: *Mr. B.J. Cheesman


Mr. W.E. Tom *Mr. J.M. Johnson


Mr. E. Mitchell *Mr. P.G. Mitchell



*Mr. G.A.J. Stone * Mr. G.D. Dyson


*Mr. M. Willersdorf *Hr. L.J. •Wintle * Indicates retiring Office-Bearers. STATE PARLIAMENTARY REPRESENTATIVES: Mr. P. Ross-Edwards MLA (Shepparton) Mr. M.S. Whiting MLA (Mildura) Hon. B.P. Dunn MLC (North Western)


YOUNG NATIONAL PARTY OF AUSTRALIA: (To be elected by YNP Annual Meeting) WOMEN'S SECTION REPRESENTATIVES: Region I -Region 2 - *Mrs. E.M. Watson Region 3 -Region 4 - *Mrs. M. McNamara Region 5 - * Mrs. E. Taylor NOMINATION FOR PLACE OF HOLD CONFERENCE 1981 Traralgon :c Echuc


COMMITTEES 1979/1980

The State President is an ex-officio member of all Committees. Policy Committees Members

Foreign Affairs and Defence Mr. L. Neal, Mr. H.A. Hewson, Hon. W.R. Baxter MLC, Mr. L.T. Lourens.

Primary Industry Mr. W. Hotson, Mr. B. Cheesman,

Mr. T.C. Trewin MP, Mr. B. Lloyd MP.

Health and Welfare Mrs. B. Mowat, Mrs. M. McNamara, Dr. J.R. Clarke, Mr. M.S. Whiting MP, Mr. B. Lloyd MP.

Education Mr. L. Neal, Mrs. E.M. Moodie, Mr.M.

Buzza, Hon. B.P. Dunn MLC, Mr. P. Fisher MP.

Industrial Relations Mr. F. Stephens, Mr. N.J. McPherson, Dr. J.R. Clarke, Mr. K.S. Jasper MP, Mr. B. Lloyd MP. Industry, Communications Mr. H. Ellis, Mr. G.D. Dyson, and Transport Mr. B. Evans MP, Mr. P. Fisher MP. Youth Affairs Mr. M. Buzza, Mr. P. McNamara, Mr. L. Neal, Mr. E. Hann MP, Mr. B. Lloyd MP. Urban Strategy Mrs. E. Moodie, Dr. J.R. Clarke, Mr. H. Ellis, Mr. L.T. Lourens, Hon. K. Wright MLC.Other CommitteesFinance Sub-Committee Mr. J. Vinall, Hon. D.M. Evans MLC., Mrs. E. Taylor, Mr. H. Ellis. Cycle Series Mr. M. Whiting MP, Mr. J. Cuming, Mr. T. Beattie, Mr. W. Long, Mr. R. Ploog, Mr. S. McDonald, Mr. H. Moore, Mr. I. Turner, Mr. W. Plenter. Insurance Mr. H. Moore, Mr. P. Mitchell, Mr. F. Stephens, Mrs. B. Bates, Mr. J. Cuming, Mr. J.M. Johnson. Field Staff Sub-Committee Mr. S.R. McDonald, Mr. F. Stephens, Mrs. E. Taylor, Mr. I.0. Adamson, Mr. P. Mitchell and one ParliamentaryNational Outlook Board of representative from Central Council. Management Mr. P. Ross-Edwards MP., Mr. L. Neal.National Outlook Editorial Sub-Committee Mrs. B. Bates, Mr. P. Mitchell, Mr. L. Neal, Mrs. E. Taylor, Mr. J. Cuming, Mr. M. Buzza, Mr. H. Ellis, Dr. J.R. Clarke.27


Conference Format Mr. L. Neal, Mrs. E. Taylor, Dr. J.R.

Clarke, Mr. H. Ellis, Mrs. M. McNamara, Mr. W. Hotson.

Organisational Development Mr. B. Cheesman, Mr. H.A. Hewson, Mr.P. McNamara, Mr. L. Wintle, Mr. P. Mitchell, Mr. L. Neal, Mr. P. Ross-Edwards MP or a nominee.

Platform Update Hon. B.P. Dunn MLC, Mr. H. Ellis,

Mr. G. Gooding.



The Chairman shall at all times be in control of the meeting and the Chairman's ruling shall be final and binding, unless disagreed with by a majority vote of those present. Any member desiring to speak shall stand up and address the Chairman respectfully. No member may speak more than once to a question, except in explanation or reply and then by the permission of the Chair.

A member who formally seconds a motion or amendment without making a speech may speak in support at a subsequent stage of the debate. A reply shall be allowed only to the member who has moved a substantive motion.

No member shall use offensive or unbecoming words. The mover of a motion shall not occupy more than five, or any other speaker more than three minutes. The meeting may, by resolution, without debate, grant extension of time to any speaker. No speaker shall digress from the subject under discussion, and imputations of improper motives, and all personal reflections on members, shall be deemed disorderly. Whenever the Chairman rises during debate, the member then speaking shall sit down. No member shall interrupt another while speaking, except on a point of order. Any member during the debate may rise to a point of order, when the member then speak-ing shall sit down until the point of order has been decided. The member rising to order shall state concisely the point of order, and the Chairman without further discussion, shall give his ruling.

It shall be competent for any member to move the motion of dissent from the Chairman's ruling. The mover of the motion of dissent shall concisely state his point. The seconder and the Chairman only may speak to the motion.

A member may move the adjournment of the debate. If the motion is resolved in the nega-tive. the mover shall not be allowed to speak again on the question . under debate. If the motion be resolved in the affirmative the mover shall have the right of resuming the debate at the en-suing meeting. No member shall move the adjournment at the end of his speech.

At any time during the debate any member, may, without notice, move, "That the question be now put", and such motion being duly seconded, shall then be put without debate. If car-ried, the question shall be put to the vote; if lost, the debate shall proceed. An amendment may be moved on any original motion. The Chairman shall put the amend-ment to the meeting first, and, if carried, it shall be declared to embody the decision of the meeting, superseding the motion. When an amendment has been decided a further amendment may be moved, which if carried, shall in turn supersede the motion. If there be no amendment, the original motion shall be put after the mover has replied.

The Chairman shall refuse to receive any amendment which is a direct negative, or which does not preserve the substance of the original motion. All matters not covered by these rules of procedure shall be determined according to the practice of Parliament.