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National Party of Australia Federal Convention 1995: Record of decisions

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Agenda Committee Report be adopted with three changes to the order of motions - 48 be dealt with first, that 73 to be dealt with after 7, and that the four WFC motions be included in consecutive order. Carried


CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM 1 That the National Party of Australia; a) regards Constitutional reform of the current Federal/State financial arrangements to be more urgent and far more significant to the lives of Australians that the debate over the proposed Republic; and

b) urges an incoming Federal iCoalition Government to give the issue of amending the Australian Constitution to achieve a more equitable Federal/State financial arrangement the priority it deserves Carried

CONSTITUTION CONVENTION 2 That it be National Party (Policy that a People's Constitutional Convention be formed immediately after the next Federal Election and that all constitutional change propositions, including the question of a Republic and method of election of President, be referred to the Convention for determination as to which proposals should be submitted to Referenda;

Any proposition agreed to by a 75% majority of members of the People's Constitutional Convention must be put to the people. withdrawin - announced in Agenda Report Carried

AUSTRALIAN CONSTITUTION, 3 That the National Party call on the Federal Government to initiate a referendum to add to the Australian Constitution: a) the right to freedom of speech, communication, worship, assembly and associating for all Australians. b) the right of law-abiding citizens to protect self, family and property and use such means and force as is necessary to

that end.



4 The National Party fundamentally believes in:

(a) the separation of powers within the Australian Constitution; (b) the supremacy of Parliament in making new statutes; (c) that the basic tenets of our constitution must be changed only by a conscious decision of the people made in accordance with the constitution.

Further, the National Party deplores the increasing trend of recent decisions of the High Court to undermine the basic principles of the constitution including the separation of powers. The National Party calls on a future Coalition Government to establish a constitutional convention to address these concerns. Carried

FEDERAL ELECTIONS 5 This Conference notes with concern the fact that in one of the last two elections in each of the Commonwealth and mainland States a Party receiving less than 50% of the two party preferred vote has been elected to Government over Parties receiving in excess of 50% of the two party preferred vote. This Conference calls on the Federal Parliament to develop proposals to remove

the inherent bias now demonstrated in this system. Lost


COMPETITION REFORM BILL 6 That the National Party of Australia urge extensive debate on the Competition Reform Bill 1995 in terms of its likely effect on small and medium sized businesses and rural producers. Withdrawn


6(a) That the National Party take into account the net effect the Hilmer Report recommendations will have on rural and regional areas as well as the people who live in these areas before taking a firm policy position. Carried

DROUGHT 7 That the National Policy on drought include: a) a revision of the National Drought Policy (1992) b) measures that will safeguard the future of the nations breeding flocks and herds.


WATER REQUIREMENTS 7a (formerly 73) That this Conference calls on the Federal National Party on return to Government to immediately instigate a full investigation on Australia's future water needs by:

(a) national water audit; (b) investigation of all known schemes; and (c) a commitment to full water security for the environment, regional development and irrigation. Carried

NATIONAL RURAL FINANCIAL CRISIS SUMNIIT 8 That the National Party on gaining government federally immediately convene a National Rural Financial Crisis Summit to examine the critical financial situation which has developed in rural and regional Australia Carried

DROUGHT RELIEF 9 a) That the Conference condemns the failure of the government to develop an adequate and just mechanism for delivering Social Security aid and interest rate assistance to farmers and small business affected by severe drought. Carried

CITRUS INDUSTRY 10 That National Party formally recognise that the citrus industry has been adversely affected by tariff revision necessary to establish the GATT and that this industry is deserving of compensatory support in the form of restructure packages which will reduce growers labour, handling, transport and marketing costs and allow them greater access to domestic and export fresh

fruit markets. Amendment accepted by mover and seconder and Conference. Carried

FOREST INDUSTRY 11 That the National Party: a) support and encourage Australia's sustainable forest industry. b) support the implementation of the National Forest Policy Statement providing there is no employment or economic

loss to regional Australia c) support and encourage the development of plantations on degraded or unused primate and Crown land with taxation benefits to investors in plantation forestry d) support the development of pulp mills in regional Australia to value-add woodchip waste from native forests and

plantations, to provide employment and economic benefits for Australia as a e) support and develop a long term plan for Australia's forest industry. Carried

WHEAT POLICY 12a That the National Party support: a) Single desk selling of export wheat sales; b) Grower control of the Australian Wheat Board Carried

12b That the National Party support: a) A home consumption price for wheat, based on the unsubsidised import parity price; b) underwriting of the wheat crop by the Federal Government in the subject year. Lost


13 That the National Party of Australia's policy in relation to the Wheat Industry Fund (WIF) be as follows: 1) That the fund be retained for the purpose of providing a guarantee on borrowings raised for advances to growers if the Government guarantee ceases. 2) So that the 20% investment provision be controlled in a manner which protects the equity of the unit holders, the

following rules on representation apply -a) that representation of unit holders be on a State weighted basis calculated on the ration of the level of units held in the WIF by that State's growers; b) that State representation be calculated on a 5-year average of 40% of units held by a State in the WIF (i.e. if

WA has a 5-year average of units in WIF, then they have a 40% weighted vote in the WIF) c) that units holders be represented by grower delegates elected within their States by a ballot, being one per unit held. 3) that the revolving buy back and hardship provisions continue. 4) That, in the event of the WIF being arbitrarily called upon to provide a capital base for a corporatised/privatised

AWB., growers have the option of withdrawing that portion of their equity being called upon for that purpose. Motion noted

HEMP PROPAGATION 1 14 "That the National Party supports further research into the agricultural, economic and environmental aspects of industrial hemp to establish if (a) the plant would be commercially viable (b) that a variety can be developed that can be easily distinguished from high THC cannabis (c) to ensure that its commercial cultivation would have no negative ramifications on the environment or on existing agricultural



CHEMICAL RESIDUES 15 That the National Part y policy on chemical residues include: a) compensation for producers whose product is affected through factors beyond their control; b) a uniform testing system for residues: and

c) classification under the exceptional circumstances criteria for those producers quarantined. Carried


16 That this Conference supports implementation of stronger quarantine and inspection laws to protect Australia from the introduction of disease. Carried

SALMON INDUSTRY 17 That it be National Party policy that salmon imports be restricted to heat treated products and cold processed products from proven disease free stock


GRAIN IMPORTS 18 That it be National Party Policy to restrict the import of grains from overseas, except special requirements that cannot be supplied or substituted from stocks in Australia, and that imports be subject to strict quarantine regulations applicable to Protocol I (AQIS Carried

WOOL INTERNATIONAL 19 That the National Party policy to deal with the winding up of Wool International in 1997 be developed in close consultation with the industry organisations. Carried

a) that woolgrowers be given a choice of how to obtain their equity by i) shares in a privatised structure ii) transfer of funds to a farm management bond structure iii) cash out

iv) combination of all b) that woolgrowers may withdraw funds either partially or wholly c) that the investment policies of any new privatised structure be to the benefit of shareholders d) that the transfer of funds from Wool International to a privatised structure carry no tax liability


that the shares transferred to a new privatised structure should not have a zero imputed value for the purpose of calculations for Capital Gains Tax f) that the ability to pay additional wool tax in excess of 4.5% and up to 10% for the purpose of gaining equity in Wool International be eliminated immediately. Lettered points noted.

SUGAR TARIFF 20 That the National Party support the retention of the sugar tariff at its current level until other countries bring their level of protection in line with those in the sugar industry. Carried

TAX ON WINE INDUSTRY 21 That the National Party rejects any move to either increase the level of taxation on the wine industry, or to change the taxation mix to include volumetric tax Carried


NATIONAL SAVINGS POLICY 22 That the National Party calls upon the Coalition in government to draft a national savings plan, with one element of that plan being to allow for the reduction, for income tax purposes, of interest earned on cash deposits, to reflect the inflation index. Carried

FOREIGN OWNERSHIP STATISTICS 23 That the National Party in Government each year release figures on the percentage of foreign-owned shares in all Australian companies having an issued share capital value exceeding $50 million. Carried

DEFICIT BUDGETS 24 That the proposed people's constitutional convention be asked to consider constitutional amendments to ensure that all tiers of government are prevented from deliberately operating deficit budgets during periods of economic expansion. Carried

STATE & TERRITORY REVENUE 25 That the National Party of Australia promote policies which would provide each State and Territory with a fixed percentage of the income tax revenue collected in that State or Territory•. Withdrawn

FRINGE BENEFITS TAX 26 That it be National Party policy that in the life of the first Coalition Government small businesses State and Local Government be exempted from Fringe Benefits Tax and that the Fringe Benefits Tax be abolished in the second term of the Coalition in office. Carried

TAX ACT 27 That the Commonwealth income taxation and related legislation be totally overhauled and simplified by the Coalition in Government Carried

SALES TAX 28 That the National Party of Australia supports the removal of sales tax from products made in Australia from recycled materials. Carried


SMALL BUSINESS 29 This Conference deplores the unfair burden placed on Small Business by Government regulation and taxation policies and calls for re-examination of Government policies contributing to that burden including: (a) Industrial Relations requirements

(b) Taxation compliance (c) Regulatory processes. Carried


30 That it be National Party policy to amend the Industrial Relations Act so that power be centered upon the Industrial Relations Minister to declare an industrial dispute, "against the national interest", and to order the parties to revert to their pre-existing status and to undertake compulsory negotiations. Carried

SUPERANNUATION 31 That this Conference call for an urgent review of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act to be undertaken with a -view to establishing a fund without present management fees to meet the needs of small business, self-employed seasonal and part-time workers.


RETIREMENT AGE 32 That the National Party adopt as policy the lowering of the retirement age in order to give greater opportunity for youth employment Withdrawn



TAX DEDUCTIBLE HEALTH INSURANCE CONTRIBUTIONS 33 That the National Party support a policy to make contributions to private health insurance funds allowable tax deductions. Carried

MAMMARY PROSTHESIS 34 That the Medicare schedule be amended to include the provision of mammary prosthesis. Carried

PROSTATE CANCER SCREENING 35 That the National Party strongly support an Australia-wide prostate cancer early detection campaign. Carried

CHILD 1 vUMJNISATION 36 That the National Party expresses its concern about the fall in general immunisation of children for childhood diseases, and support an education and promotional programme to encourage parents to immunise their children. Carried


37 That it be National Party policy for Medicare to provide funding for private home nursing of patients.


RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS 38 That the National Party strongly oppose any attempt to remove the exemption for Religious schools from the Federal anti-discrimination laws. Carried


39 That this Conference support the allocation of Federal funding of secondary education on the basis of the total number of secondary students in each State rather that the current practice of discriminating against students at non-government schools. Carried


TAX FUNDED CHILD CARE 40 That it be National Party policy that tax funded child care be made available on the same basis to all families - on household income (not individual) andjmeans tested.

Carried I


41 That the National Party support the payment of a Homemakers Allowance by the Federal Government sufficient to enable a mother or father to make an honest choice between the work place, or work in the home caring for their children. The allowance should be structured such that it is revenue neutral within reason i.e. not cost tax payers any more than the existing child care system and associated subsidies. Carried


42 That the National Party oppose the implementation of "Division 11 - Family Violence" contained within the Family Law Reform Bill 1994. Withdrawn

VETERANS AFFAIRS 43 (a) That the National Party fully support that all Australian Returned Services Veterans be provided with the medical support they need to live the dignified lifestyle to which they are rightfully entitled (b) That the National Party of Australia fully support all Australian prisoners of war being granted benefits similar to



WELFARE PAYMENTS 44 That the National Party in Government take action to have financial institutions reduce the fees levied on the accounts of welfare recipients for the processing of welfare payments, or alternatively set up a system of cash payment of welfare benefits through the Post Office network


SOCIAL SECURITY PAYMENTS 45 That the Conference condemns recipients of unemployment benefits who unlawfully obstruct people and businesses from conducting their legitimate activities and ask that the National Party promote more severe penalties for those people. Carried

WORK FOR TEE DOLE 46 That it be National Party policy that a work for the dole scheme be implemented. (National Party of Australia - NSW) Lost

NATIONAL TRAINING 47 That it be National Part y police that all unemployed people, after 12 months be required to undertake National Training (including Military Service, Landcare, TCM, Greening Australia and National Park Maintenance).



WFC4 That this Federal Conference urge the National Party on return to government to revise the current unfair dismissal legislation to remove the unfair discrimination against the employer. Carried

WFC3 That Federal Conference support the development of a format to assist small business with enterprise agreements. Carried

WFC1 That Federal Conference seriously look at the tenuous position of small business in Australia, to bring forward legislation to protect small business from unsatisfactory corporate practice and to give consumers the assura nces of freedom of choice and quality and price in product purchases.


WFC2 That the National Party of Australia reaffirms its commitment to ensure equality of education for isolated students through the provision of assistance for isolated children and Austudy allowances. Any attempt to erode these allowances trough changes to the eligibility criteria caused by the introduction of new technology, to be opposed by the National Party of Australia


URGENCY MOTION That this Conference 1. calls on the Ministers for Trade and for Primary Industries and Energy to immediately lead a trade delegation to China to determine the reasons for its continuing absence from the wool market and to seek a further reduction in the tariff on imported wool. 2. expresses its support for the wool stockpile fixed reduction schedule, but calls on Wool International to administer it in a way that

minimises its impact on the spot market; and,

3. calls on Wool International to publicise its pricing policy for forward sales from the stockpile, and any subsequent changes to this

policy, so that all sectors of the wool industry are aware of its position in the market Carried unanimously


TESTING IN THE PACIFIC 48 (a) For the sake of future generations this Conference condemn France and China for their decision to resume nuclear testing. (b) This Conference also condemn Ministers Evans and McMullan for their weak response when they stated

that it could have been worse.


UNITED NATIONS 49 That the National Party condemn the United Nations for its failure (and apparent lack of concern) to stop the conflict in the Chechnya, Bosnia and Rwanda regions. Lost

MIDDLE EAST 50 That the National Party policy on the Middle East include: a) Support for the Leaders of the State of Israel and the Palestinian people in their signing of the Declaration of the Principle (DOP) on 13 September 1993. The National Party further supports DOP including the establishment of

Palestinian autonomy within Israel. The National Party calls for flexibility and goodwill on both sides to ensure sustainable peace including, eventually the formation of a Palestinian State. b) Call for the Federal Government to provide true even-handedness in its approach to the Middle East, including an affirmation of its support for United Nations' resolution 425, which calls on Israel to withdraw from Southern

Lebanon. At the same time the Government should support the call for the withdrawal of Syrian troops and recognise the need for true i dependence of Lebanon. Carried

DEFENCE FORCE EQUIPMENT 51 That this Conference of the National Party of Australia urge the Federal Government to conduct an urgent review into the availability of back up systems and spare parts for equipment in the armed forces. Carried

DEFENCE 52 That it be National Party policy that all Defence forces be upgraded with active personnel and equipment as soon as possible. Carried

HMAS SYDNEY 53 That the National Party of, Australia supports all efforts to initiate a search for the resting place of TPAAS SYDNEY' in the year of Australia Remembering, through; a) funding a full and detailed archive search within Australia and overseas;

b) Navy and Maritime Museum resources called upon to investigate well researched grid search references of relevance; and call upon the Government to ensure that, when found, the location of'HMAS SYDNEY' not be kept secret but be protected and honoured as a war grave. Carried I


REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY 54 That the Conference condemns the Keating Government for its failure: (a) to address problems faced by Australians living in rural and remote areas; and (b) to develop a regional development strategy which allows rural Australia to maximise its vital contr

i bution to the

nation's economy.;


CARBON TAX 55 That the National Party inGovernment oppose a carbon tax, or any other form of new tax on fuel and also reduce the excise on leaded petrol to that of unleaded petrol. Carried


56 That it be National Party policy that in the circumstances where a rebate is allowable in the use of diesel fuel, the rebate be extended to cover all fuels and that the same conditions and responsibilities apply to that rebate and use. Carried

DIESEL FUEL REBATE SCHEME 57 That it be National Party policy to extend the Diesel Fuel Rebate Scheme to marine tourism operators without penalising others such as primary producers who have access to the Diesel Fuel Rebate Scheme. Carried

FUEL PRICES 58 That this Federal Conference of the National Party recognise the inequities in the pricing of petrol in non metropolitan areas, and the community concern with regard to large and frequent fluctuations in petrol prices in metropolitan and some country areas.

Conference commend the system of Terminal Gate Pricing developed by the Victoria Coalition Backbench Petrol Pricing Committee and the Position Paper developed by the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce, RACY, Victorian Employees Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the VFF as having a clear potential to bring greater transparency and equity into petrol pricing in Australia, and recommends that the Federal Coalition develop policies in support of their recommendations. In doing so, the Federal Conference recognises that petrol is an essential commodity, and a major cost input to industry, and that unreasonably higher prices in country areas are a severe cost disadvantage to rural primary and secondary industries, and a disincentive to balanced development. Carried

LPG SALES TAX 59 That it be National Party policy that sales tax on all equipment used to convert internal combustion engines to LPG and/or natural gas be removed. Carried

LPG VEHICLE INCENTIVES 60 That the National Party in Government offer incentives to vehicle manufacturers to produce new vehicles fitted with the necessary equipment to nin the vehicles on LPG as well as petrol. Carried

DIESEL EXCISE DUTY 61 That this Conference: a) condemns the Federal Governments decision to impose the industrial diesel fueled excise duty upon light fuel oils from July 1st, 1995, which increased the light fuel oil rate of excise duty from 6.751 cents per litre to 32.537 cents per


b) support policy designed to maximise the use of rail and calls upon the Federal Coalition to ensure its transport policy to recognises the need for rail to be able to compete on an equal basis with road. Carried

CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY 62 That this Conference express its concern over the methods of operations of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and in particular seek an urgent review, by a Senate Inquiry, of the relevant Act and regulations. Carried

AVIATION FUEL DUTY 63 That the National Party support the exemption of the 17.5% per litre duty on aviation fuel for agriculture and other export industries. Carried

UNIFORM TRANSPORT LAWS 64 That this Conference of the National Party support Federal and State Authorities moving as quickly as possible to introduce uniform transport laws, including carrying capacity, on road transports throughout Australia and that it does not affect any particular state. Carried

RAIL 65 That it be National Party policy to allow the private sector an opportunity to run trains on the national and state rail lines. Carried


66 That the National Party in Govenunent adopt a policy of lowering the cost of STD phone. Carried.

COMMUNICATIONS 67 That Conference calls on the Federal Government to extend Telstra's Community Service obligations to include new technology local call Internet access for all private and business subscribers, and libraries. Carried


RURAL RESEARCH 68 That this Conference oppose the Industry Commission Report that calls for reduction in the Federal Government allocations to Rural Research.


GREEN HOUSE GAS EMISSIONS TAX 69 That the Federal National Party adopt a policy which exempts livestock from a Greenhouse gas emission tax Carried.

ENVIRONMENT 70 Amendment that the National Party in Government will allocate funds to the states which will be channelled into key environmental enhancement projects that deal with real concerns such as the spread of the Pacific Sea Star and European Card in Tasmanian waters, disease in trees and weeds on farmlands as well as other landcare concerns, rather than on politically

motivated campaigns. Carried I

MURRAY DARLING RIVER SYSTEM 71 That this Conference direct the Policy Review Committee to submit to a future Conference a total policy for the Murray Darling River System. Withdrawn

ENVIRONMENTAL EXPENDITURE 72 That the National Party call pn the Coalition to provide improved taxation incentives for en v ironmental or "green" expenditure on rural property. Carried

WATER CONSERVATION i 74 That the National Party support water conservation programs such as the National Water Program which would give Federal funding for capital works and infrastructure.


WATER CONSERVATION 75 That the National Party of Australia support on-going Federal Funding to address the sustainability of the soil and water resources of the Murray Darling Basin. Carried


DEATH DUTIES 76 That the National Party continue to oppose the introduction of Death Duties or their equivalents. Carried.

WORKERS' COMPENSATION 77 That the National Party adopt as policy, an initiative of significant benefit to both small business and employees alike, reforms to workers' compensation that have the dual effect of curbing rising premium costs to business as well as providing a basic safety net for employees.


WHOLESALE SALES TAX 78 That the National Party opposes the Federal Governments recent 2% increase in Wholesale Sales Tax Carried


79 That this Conference calls upon the Federal Minister for Health to investigate the high insurance burden placed on doctors who provide obstetric services in smaller rural centres. Carried

INTERNATIONAL TREATIES 80 That this Conference accepts that the detail of every international treaty and covenant entered into by the Federal Government should be released for public scrutiny and that; a) all future international treaties/covenants should be subject to approval by Federal Parliament; and

b) any future treaty /covenant that affects an issue that is the Constitutional responsibility of a state shall be subject to approval by the people of Australia in a referendum. Carried

ELECTION ADMINISTRATION 81 That the National Party policy on Electoral Administration include: a) the design of ballot papers be improved and simplified and that ink be used to mark the ballot paper, b) that people registering to vote should give evidence of identity. Carried

CONSTITUTIONAL DEBATE 82 That the National Party of Australia: a) Continue to be an active participant in the debate about Australia's system of government; b) Resist any attempt by the Federal Labor Government to impose a timetable for fundamental change to the Australian

Constitution, if such timetable does not suit the membership of the National Party, c) Work to ensure that the level of comprehension about Australia's existing system of government is raised through the education system; d) Prepare and distribute to the Party membership a paper on the pros and cons of changing from a constitutional

monarchy to a republic; e) Calls on the Federal Government to deliver a copy of the Australian Constitution to every household in Australia. (a) carried (b) carried (c) carried (d) carried (e) lost

REPUBLIC 83 That this Conference supports the holding of a referendum on the Republic between now and the year 2000. Withdrawn

HEAD OF STATE 84 That this Conference supports the retention of the Head of State's power to dismiss a Federal Government that no longer has the confidence of Parliament, should the Australian Constitution be redrafted Carried

ELECTION TO PARLIAMENT 85 That the issue of electoral systems be referred to the Federal Policy Review Committee for reporting back to the next Federal Council or Conference - whichever comes first. Carried

HIGH COURT JUDGES 86/87 That the National Party of Australia supports the proposal that the High Court of Australia consist of one judge appointed by the Parliament of each state and the Chief Justice appointed by the Federal Parliament Carried.

DROUGHT 88 That this Conference strongly urge the federal National Party in Coalition government to completely reassess the criteria used for federal funding on drought aid and exceptional cinvmstances under the Rural Adjustment Scheme. Carried

DROUGHT RELIEF 89 That this Conference supports tax relief or other incentives being given for fodder conservation for long term drought relief. Carried




90 That this Conference urges the Parliamentary Party to take all steps possible to ensure that regionalisation of area that cross

state borders, will not underimine the autonomy of the states. Carried

INSPECTION CHARGES 91 That the Federal National Party a list of export countries accompanied by details of their primary production inspection charges, and the National Party recognise and take action to overcome any disadvantages suffered by exporters of primary produce from Australia as the result of higher costs on exports from this country.


REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT POLICY 92 That the Party commits to undertake the implementation of a Regional Development Policy focused on providing the ability for industry to develop or relocate by means of assistance in such areas as: a) Development of n rastructure;

b) Taxation reforms , c) Reduction of establishment costs d) and other means of promoting the decentralisation of industry and social infrastructure. Carried.

NATIONAL SAVINGS PLAN 93 That this Conference endorse the principle that a National Savings Plan be drafted. Withdrawn in favour of 22

NATIONAL SAVINGS 94 That this Conference calls upon the Federal Coalition to include in an y future tax reform package measures to make interest on personal savings partiall y tax; free. Withdrawn in favour of 22

TAXATION 95 That the National Part y of Australia call on the Federal Government to amend the taxation write-off provisions for recognised horticultural crops, to achieve consistency with provisions currentl y in place for the sine/grape industry. Carried

INDUSTRY 96 That with the closure of factories in Australia we in the National Part y promise to attempt to lure those companies back by fostering a competitive low cost and regulator y predictable environment by whatever means at our disposal. Carried

RURAL MEDICAL STAFF 97 That our country communities be assured of the provision of appropriate medical staff, by putting in place a system which creates this. Carried

EXPORT INCENTIVES 98 That this conference request export incentives to be made available to all Australian export industries. Withdrawn


99 That it be National Party policy' that the import of subsidised pork be banned. Withdrawn

STUDENT ACCOMMODATION 100 That this Conference support the provision of realistic assistance for the accommodation of students who must live away from home to attend a tertiary institution. Carried

RENTAL ASSISTANCE TO RURAL TERTIARY STUDENTS 101 That this Conference urge the Federal Government to provide rental assistance for tertiary students from country area who necessarily have to live away from home while studying. Withdrawn



102 That this Conference urge Parliamentary Members of the Party to recognise the considerably higher cost of living in the country - notably phone and petrol - in order that they work to immediately redress this imbalance due to its great detrimental effect on the social and business fabric of our communities. Carried

HOMEMAKERS ALLOWANCE 103 That it be National Party policy that the payment of a homemakers allowance be made sufficient to enable a parent to make an honest choice between paid work in the work force or work in the home, at a cost no greater than the existing child care system. Withdrawn

ASSETS TEST 104 That this Conference strongly endorse the Senate Committee recommendation that the assets test be replaced by the income level test for social security and educational entitlements for farm and town small business families. Carried

ROAD FUNDING 105 That this Conference demand the Federal Government to return to the States and local government a higher percentage of the fuel excise levy for roadworks. Carried

NATIONAL FUEL PRICING POLICY 106 That the National Party call for equalisation of fuel prices throughout Australia. Withdrawn

FUEL EXCISE DUTY 107 That it be National Part y policy to reduce the fuel excise duty on super/leaded petrol to the same rate as unleaded petrol. Withdrawn

DIESEL FUEL REBATE 108 That the National Part y strongly oppose any proposal to withdraw the diesel fuel rebate for 'on-fa rm use. Carried

EQUITY IN FUEL PRICING 109 That this Conference recognises that fuel is an essential commodity, and a major cost input to industry, and that unreasonably higher prices in country areas are a severe cost disadvantage to rural primary, secondary industries and quality of life and calls for the introduction of Terminal Gate Pricing to bring equity into fuel pricing in Australia. Withdrawn

FREIGHT AND HANDLING CHARGES 110 That the Federal Government reduce freight and handling charges through better efficiency and work practices in the transport and waterfront industries. Carried

WESTERN RAIL LINE 111 That this Conference seek firm assurances from both State and Federal Governments that there will be no downgrading of the western rail line between Parkes, Broken Hill and Adelaide.


AIRPORT NOISE 112 That it be National Party policy to establish a Federal task force to review the continued airport noise problem and address the liability issue that must be resolved between FAC and the public.


ROAD WORKS 113 That this Conference calls upon Federal and State Governments to grant more money to Local Government for road works. Carried

PAY TV 114 That it be National Party policy that the current arrangements for children's pay TV channels between the ABC and Nickelodeon be reviewed with the objective of increasing both the financial investment and local content




115 That it be National Party policy that there should be 100% tax deductibility in the year of expenditure be introduced for all soil, water and fodder conservation works. Carried

ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS 116 That the National Party: a) Refute statements and claims made by environmental groups unless they a re supported by c reditable scientific evidence;

b) Condemn the Federal Government for the contempt they have shown in the treatment of the timber industry and related co mmunities, and the waste of $166,000 pad to envi ronment groups for 'sham lists of compartments. Carried


117 That this Confe rence vigorously oppose the declaration of Lake Eyre as a world he ritage area. Carried

WATER CONSERVATION 118 That the National Party suppo rt change from ' user pays to 'cost sharing for capital works for water conservation schemes. Carried

POLICY REVIEW COMMITTEE That this Conference notes the repo rt, of the Poli cy Review Co mmittee. It directs the Commi ttee to continue its work of updating the Party's General Policies in the light ofthe decisions of this and previous conferen ces. It authorises the Federal Management Committee to approve the completed document for publication.


RETIREMENT OF MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT 119 That Members of Parliament who retire before their full term in office without grave reason for doing so (e.g. serious illness) be responsible for the cost of the^resulting by-election. Withdrawn

ANNUAL RETURNS 120 That the Commonwealth Political Broadcast & Poli tical Disclosu re Act 1991, be amended by the removal of the Comm onwealth Electoral (Annual Returns by Registered Political Parties) Regulations.


LEGAL AID 121 That the National Party investigate and review the situation of people receiving legal aid to take another party to cou rt and that party having to bear a ll their own legal expenses, and ensure a more equitable s ystem is put into practice. Carried

LOW INTEREST RATES 122 That it be National Party policy that long-term finan ce be made available to farmers, particularly young farmers, and businesses in rural areas at a low interest, rate. Carried

PUNJAB/KASHM[R 123 That the National Party of Australia call on the Federal Government to (a) call on the United Na tions to address the issues behind the conflict in the Kashmir/Punjab region to as certain the true facts of the situation. Carried

BANK CHARGES 124 That it be National Party policy that some Federal Government control should be exercised on banks regarding their charges, interest margins. i


LEGAL A ID 125 That this Conference opposes the provision of taxpayer funded legal aid to boat people for appeals against Court judgments which have ruled against granting them refugee status. Car ried



126 That it be National Party policy that all school costs and education costs up to $2,000 per annum per person be tax deductible. Lost

EAST TIMOR 127 That this Conference deplores the Indonesi an Government's human rights violations in East Timor carried out since their invasion in 1975, acknowledging some prog ress being made with the establishment of the Indonesi an Human Rights Commission; Carried

ATSIC 128 That it be National Party policy to abolish A.T.S.I.C.(Abo riginal and Torres Strait Islan der Comm ission) when returned to Government


ECONOMIC POLICY 129 That to enable Australian industries to compete with imports, the National Party support an imposition of adequate impo rt duties which reflect and compensate for the produc tion cost differences, (of wages, benefits, taxes and employee conditions), between the competing Australian and imported products. Withdrawn

SUCCESSIVE DE-FACTO RELATIONSHIPS 130 That this Conference recognises successive de-facto relationships as the chief exa cerbating cause of youth homelessness, lawless behaviour an d the increasing criminali ty, and calls on the Government to address the problem. Withdrawn

Urgency Motion That the following severe frost damage to viti cultural an d horticultural crops irrigation areas of South Australia, Victo ria and New South Wales that this Conference of the National Party of Australia supports those industries affected in their bid for a coordinated state government approach to the Federal Government with a view to triggering the exceptional circumstances provisions of the Rural Adjustment Scheme.


Urgency Motion

That the National Party in a Coalition Gove rnment give genuine official recognition of the Australi an South Sea Islan ders as a distinct ethnic group and as a ma tter of urgency, implement tertiary and secondary education program to raise the retention rates an d the opportunity for academic achievement to the same level as that of other Australians.

That the National Party in a Coa lition Government remove the sales tax on bareboat cha rter vessels and allow the sector of the tourism industry to compete on a more equitable basis with their international competitors. Carried

Urgency Motion:

That the National Party of Australia: in view of serious economic circumstances in rural Australia today, due to the longstanding presence of drought and continuing hardships: 1. a "viral financial resour ce" be developed to assist primary producers with affordable loans with low interest rates and fle xible

repayment facilities. Carried

End of motions.

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