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Part 1—Preliminary

Part 1 Preliminary


1   Short title

                   This Act may be cited as the Poker Machine (Reduced Losses—Interim Measures) Act 2010 .

2   Commencement

                   This Act commences at the end of 28 days after the day on which it receives the Royal Assent.

3   Object of Act

                   The object of this Act is to put in place interim measures to regulate the rate of poker machine losses by restricting the practical operation of poker machines.

4   Application of Act

Extension to external Territories

             (1)  This Act extends to Norfolk Island, the Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands and the Territory of Christmas Island.

Limited extraterritorial application

             (2)  This Act applies to acts, omissions, matters and things in the Australian jurisdiction and does not apply to acts, omissions, matters and things outside the Australian jurisdiction.

5   Relationship with State and Territory law

                   This Act is not intended to exclude or limit the concurrent operation of any law of a State or Territory, unless the contrary intention appears.

6   Definitions

                   In this Act:

corporation means a corporation to which paragraph 51(xx) of the Constitution applies.

poker machine includes:

                     (a)  gaming machine; and

                     (b)  any machine licensed or required to be licensed for use in a State or Territory as a poker machine or gaming machine;

and otherwise has its ordinary meaning.