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Motor Vehicle Standards Amendment Bill 1998
Schedule 1 Amendment of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989


1  Subsection 5(1)


Associate Administrator means an Associate Administrator of Vehicle Standards referred to in section 22.

2  Subsection 5(1) (at the end of the definition of vehicle standard )


               ; or (d)  promote the saving of energy.

3  Paragraph 11(1)(a)

Omit “arrangements referred to in section 10”, substitute “this Act”.

4  Subparagraph 11(1)(b)(i)

Omit “those arrangements”, substitute “arrangements of the kind referred to in section 10”.

5  At the end of subparagraph 11(1)(b)(iv)

Add “or”.

6  After subparagraph 11(1)(b)(iv)


                             (v)  that the person has failed to comply with a condition to which his or her authority is subject under subsection 10A(4);

7  Paragraph 12(d)

Omit “given; or”, substitute “given.”.

8  Paragraph 12(e)

Repeal the paragraph.

9  Subsection 17A(1)

Omit “section 39 of”.

10  Subsection 22(1)

Repeal the subsection, substitute:

             (1)  There are to be an Administrator of Vehicle Standards and such Associate Administrators of Vehicle Standards as are required.

11  At the end of section 22


             (3)  An Associate Administrator:

                     (a)  is to be appointed by the Secretary to the Department; and

                     (b)  is to be a person holding an office in the Department.

12  Section 23

Omit “another person who holds or performs the duties of a Senior Executive Service office within the Department”, substitute “an Associate Administrator”.

13  Paragraph 23(e)

Omit “section 10; and”, substitute “section 10.”.

14  Paragraph 23(f)

Repeal the paragraph.

15  After paragraph 39(1)(aa)


                  (aaa)  a decision of the Minister under section 10A; and

16  Paragraph 39(1)(b)

Omit “subsection 14(2)”, substitute “section 14A”.