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Commonwealth Superannuation Board Bill 1998

Part 2 Establishment of the Board


5   Establishment

                   There is established by this section a board called the Commonwealth Superannuation Board.

6   Incorporation etc.

             (1)  The Board:

                     (a)  is a body corporate with perpetual succession; and

                     (b)  has a common seal; and

                     (c)  may acquire, hold and dispose of real and personal property; and

                     (d)  may sue and be sued in its corporate name.

             (2)  The common seal of the Board is to be kept in such custody as the Board directs and is to be used only as authorised by the Board.

             (3)  All courts, judges and persons acting judicially must take judicial notice of the common seal of the Board and must presume that it was duly affixed.