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Telecommunications Amendment (Enhancing Community Consultation) Bill 2011

Schedule 1 Amendments


Telecommunications Act 1997

1  Clause 1 of Schedule 3 (fourth dot point, paragraph (g))

Omit “the owner”, substitute “owners”.

2  Subclause 6(5) of Schedule 3

Omit all the words after “subclause (3)”.

3  Paragraph 6(7)(a) of Schedule 3

Omit “5 metres”, substitute “1 metre”.

4  Paragraph 7(8)(a) of Schedule 3

Omit “not”.

5  At the end of subclause 17(1) of Schedule 3


             ; and (c)  in relation to an activity under Division 3 or 4—the owner and occupier of any land within 500 metres of the facility or proposed facility concerned.

Note:       The heading to clause 17 is altered by omitting “ owner ” and substituting “ owners ”.

6  Subclause 17(4) of Schedule 3

Omit “10”, substitute “30”.

7  Subparagraph 27(1)(g)(ii) of Schedule 3

Repeal the subparagraph, substitute:

                             (ii)  all alternative less sensitive sites are not feasible; and

                            (iii)  the proposed location is not within 100 metres of the community sensitive site; and

8  After subclause 27(4) of Schedule 3


          (4A)  For the purposes of subclause (4), the ACMA must not have regard to the revenue, profit, market share or any other financial interest of the carrier.

9  After subclause 35(3) of Schedule 3


          (3A)  Applications may be made to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for review of a decision of the ACMA under clause 25 to issue a facility installation permit.

10  Paragraph 48(2)(a) of Schedule 3

Repeal the paragraph.

11  At the end of paragraph 48(2)(b) of Schedule 3

Add “, other than interests relating to competition between carriers”.

12  At the end of subclause 48(2) of Schedule 3


                   ; (e)  the impact of such facilities on members of the public.