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Parliamentary Service Bill 1997 [No. 2]

Part 1 P reliminary


1   Short title

                   This Act may be cited as the Parliamentary Service Act 1997 .

2   Commencement

                   This Act commences, or is taken to have commenced, on the same day as the Public Service Act 1997 , immediately after the commencement of that Act.

3   Objects of this Act

                   The main objects of this Act are:

                     (a)  to establish a non-partisan Parliamentary Service that is efficient and effective in serving the Parliament; and

                     (b)  to provide a legal framework for the effective and fair employment, management and leadership of Parliamentary Service employees; and

                     (c)  to establish rights and obligations of Parliamentary Service employees.

4   This Act binds the Crown

                   This Act binds the Crown in right of the Commonwealth, but does not make the Crown liable to be prosecuted for an offence.

5   This Act extends to things outside Australia

             (1)  This Act extends to acts, omissions, matters and things outside Australia (unless the contrary intention appears).

             (2)  This Act extends to all the Territories.

6   Engagement of employees in a Department

             (1)  All people engaged on behalf of the Commonwealth as employees to perform functions in a Department must be engaged under this Act, or under the authority of another Act.

             (2)  Subsection (1) does not apply to people engaged on an honorary basis.

             (3)  This section does not, by implication, affect any power that a Secretary might otherwise have to engage persons as independent contractors.