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Higher Education Legislation Amendment Bill 1997
Schedule 2 Amendment of the Maritime College Act 1978


1  Section 32

Repeal the section, substitute:

32   Fees

             (1)  Subject to subsection (3), fees other than:

                     (a)  fees referred to in section 13 of the Higher Education Funding Act 1988 ; or

                     (b)  fees excluded from the definition of fees in section 3 of that Act;

are not payable to the College.

             (2)  The Minister may, by notice in writing published in the Gazette , issue guidelines in relation to the provision by the College of courses of technical and further education for the purposes of subsection (3).

             (3)  Fees may be payable, by a person who has earned a living at any time, in respect of undertaking, for purposes other than an initial vocational qualification, a course provided in accordance with guidelines issued under subsection (2).

             (4)  Fees that are payable to the College are payable in accordance with the statutes.

2  Saving

Any guidelines in force immediately before the commencement of this Schedule under paragraph 32(5)(b) of the Maritime College Act 1978 as in force at that time continue in force as if they had been issued under subsection 32(2) of that Act as amended by this Schedule for the purposes of subsection 32(3) of that Act as so amended.