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Customs Amendment (2007 Harmonized System Changes) Bill 2006

Schedule 1 Amendments


Customs Act 1901

1  After subsection 269SD(2)


          (2A)  If, because of an amendment of a Customs Tariff, the CEO is satisfied that the tariff classification that is stated in a TCO to apply to the goods the subject of the TCO will not apply to those goods from a particular day, the CEO may:

                     (a)  make an order revoking the TCO with effect from that day; and

                     (b)  make a new TCO in respect of the goods with effect from that day.

2  Subsection 269SE(2)

After “(2)”, insert “, (2A)”.

3  Paragraph 273GA(1)(s)

After “(2)”, insert “, (2A)”.




[ Minister’s second reading speech made in—

House of Representatives on 7 September 2006

Senate on 9 October 2006 ]