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Cancer Australia Bill 2006

Part 2 Cancer Australia


6   Establishment

             (1)  Cancer Australia is established by this section.

             (2)  Cancer Australia consists of the Chief Executive Officer and the staff referred to in section 8.

Note:          Cancer Australia does not have a legal identity separate from the Commonwealth.

7   Functions of Cancer Australia

             (1)  Cancer Australia has the following functions:

                     (a)  to provide national leadership in cancer control;

                     (b)  to guide scientific improvements to cancer prevention, treatment and care;

                     (c)  to coordinate and liaise between the wide range of groups and health care providers with an interest in cancer;

                     (d)  to make recommendations to the Commonwealth Government about cancer policy and priorities;

                     (e)  to oversee a dedicated budget for research into cancer;

                      (f)  to assist with the implementation of Commonwealth Government policies and programs in cancer control;

                     (g)  to provide financial assistance, out of money appropriated by the Parliament, for research mentioned in paragraph (e) and for the implementation of policies and programs mentioned in paragraph (f);

                     (h)  any functions that the Minister, by writing, directs Cancer Australia to perform.

             (2)  A direction made under paragraph (1)(h) is not a legislative instrument.

8   Staff

             (1)  The staff of Cancer Australia must be persons engaged under the Public Service Act 1999 .

             (2)  For the purposes of the Public Service Act 1999 :

                     (a)  the Chief Executive Officer and the staff of Cancer Australia together constitute a Statutory Agency; and

                     (b)  the Chief Executive Officer is the Head of that Statutory Agency.

9   Consultants

             (1)  The Chief Executive Officer may engage persons having suitable qualifications and experience as consultants to Cancer Australia.

             (2)  The consultants are to be engaged on the terms and conditions that the Chief Executive Officer determines in writing.