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National Health Amendment (Prostheses) Bill 2005
Schedule 2 Technical amendments


Health Legislation Amendment (Private Health Insurance Reform) Act 2004

1  After item 28 of Schedule 1


28A  Saving provision

A form approved by the Minister under subsection 78(1C) of the National Health Act 1953 that was in force immediately before the day of commencement of item 27 of this Schedule continues in force, on and after that day, as if it had been approved by the Minister under and for the purposes of subsection 78(2) of that Act as amended by item 27 of this Schedule.

2  After item 32 of Schedule 1


32A  Schedule 1 (note appearing after the Schedule heading)

Omit “73BA”, substitute “73AAF”.

3  After item 37 of Schedule 1


37A  Paragraph (ma) of Schedule 1

Omit “73BA(2A)”, substitute “73AAG(2)”.