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Acts Interpretation Amendment (Court Procedures) Bill 2003
Schedule 1 Acts Interpretation Act 1901


1  After section 27


27A   Documents commencing proceedings

                   A reference in a provision of an Act to any one or more of the following in connection with court proceedings:

                     (a)  a summons;

                     (b)  an information;

                     (c)  a claim;

                     (d)  a complaint;

                     (e)  a declaration;

is taken to include a reference to any document through which proceedings may be instituted in a court.

Note:          An example of such a document is a court attendance notice under the Criminal Procedure Act 1986 of New South Wales.

2  Application

The amendment made by this Schedule applies in relation to proceedings instituted on or after 7 July 2003.




[ Minister’s second reading speech made in—

House of Representatives on 5 June 2003

Senate on 18 June 2003 ]