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A Better Future for Our Kids Bill 2003

Part 3 National Code for the Protection of Children


37   Object of Part

                   The object of this Part is to ensure that there are national standards to protect children from abuse and that they receive a minimum standard of care and services.

38   National Code for the Protection of Children

             (1)  The Commissioner must consult with relevant Commonwealth agencies and State and Territory bodies in order to develop a National Code for the Protection of Children (the Code ).

             (2)  The Code must include the Working with Children Check referred to in Part 4, and may also include:

                     (a)  procedures and protocols for the use of any national register of child sex offenders; and

                     (b)  standards for providers of services to children; and

                     (c)  requirements for relevant government contracts to prevent child abuse; and

                     (d)  standards for procedures for the handling of complaints relating to the provision of services to children; and

                     (e)  requirements for compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child; and

                      (f)  any other matters prescribed in the regulations.

39   Implementation

                   The Commissioner must make recommendations to the Minister on how the Code could be implemented, including any legislative changes which could or should be made and how the Code could be applied to Commonwealth agencies, State and Territory bodies, businesses and organisations, and transitional arrangements.

40   Code to be prepared in first term

             (1)  The Commissioner must give to the Minister a draft Code and recommendations under section 39 as soon as possible and within 5 years of the appointment of the first Commissioner.

             (2)  The Commissioner must report on progress on development of the Code, including the positions of each the States and Territories in relation to the Code, in the annual report prepared under section 26.