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Interstate Road Transport Charge Amendment Bill 2002
Schedule 1 Amendment of the Interstate Road Transport Charge Act 1985


1  Section 6

Repeal the section, substitute:

5A   Automatic increase of amounts of charge

             (1)  This section applies to the charges determined in accordance with the Schedule (including charges whose amounts have already been changed by a previous application or applications of this section or of regulations made for the purposes of section 6).

             (2)  At the start of 1 July of each year, beginning with 1 July 2002, the amount of each of those charges is increased, from the amount that applied immediately before that 1 July, by the same percentage amount as is determined for the purposes of section 3A of the Road Transport Charges (Australian Capital Territory) Act 1993 .

Note:          In some circumstances, this rule can result in no increases occurring on a particular 1 July: see Part 4 of the Schedule to the Road Transport Charges (Australian Capital Territory) Act 1993 .

             (3)  As soon as practicable, the Secretary must publish in the Gazette a statement setting out the new amounts of charge that apply under this section.

6   Regulations may decrease amounts of charge

             (1)  The regulations may decrease the amounts of charge that apply under sections 5 and 5A in relation to a year.

             (2)  Such regulations must not decrease any amount of charge by more than 5% of the amount of charge that would apply in relation to the year if no regulations were made for the purposes of this section in relation to that year.

2  The Schedule (note appearing after the Schedule heading)

After “Sections 5”, insert “, 5A”.





[ Minister’s second reading speech made in—

House of Representatives on 14 February 2002

Senate on 14 March 2002 ]

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