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Aviation Noise Ombudsman Bill 2000
Schedule 1—Consequential amendment of other Acts

Air Services Act 1995

1          Section 10

After “including”, insert “the Aviation Noise Ombudsman,”.

Civil Aviation Act 1988

2          At the end of subsection 9(3)


                   ; (h)  co-operating with the Aviation Noise Ombudsman as required.

3          At the end of paragraph 9A(2)(b)

Add “including excessive noise in populated areas”.

Ombudsman Act 1976

4          At the end of paragraph 5(1)(b)

After “by a prescribed authority”, insert:

“, except when the action relates to a proposal to change an aircraft route which may result in increased noise over populated areas, and is subject to investigation by the Aviation Noise Ombudsman”.

5          After subsection 5(1)


                          (1A)  When an action or complaint under subsection 5(1) relates to aircraft noise, the Commonwealth Ombudsman shall consult with the Aviation Noise Ombudsman.