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States Grants (Primary and Secondary Education Assistance) Bill 2000

Part 10 Grants for special education at non-government centres


86   Object of Part

                   The object of this Part is to provide financial assistance to the States to help non-government centres provide education, therapeutic and other essential services and capital facilities to improve:

                     (a)  the participation level by young people with disabilities in education; and

                     (b)  the learning outcomes of those young people.

87   Grants for special education at non-government centres

             (1)  The Minister may make a determination authorising payment of financial assistance to a State for a program year for expenditure connected with special education provided at or in connection with non-government centres in the State.

Note:          Certain amounts paid to a State under section 101 are taken to be paid under this section.

             (2)  In this Act:

non-government centre means a place in a State at which special education is provided by a non-government body (except a non-government body that is conducted for profit) and that is not a school.

88   Ceiling for grants under this Part

             (1)  The sum of the amounts paid to the States under this Part for a program year must not be more than the amount in column 5 of the table in Part 1 of Schedule 8 for the program year.

             (2)  This section has effect despite section 87.