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Treasury Laws Amendment (Illicit Tobacco Offences) Bill 2018

Originating house
House of Representatives


Amends the: Taxation Administration Act 1953 to: establish a tobacco offence regime for illicit tobacco that has been domestically manufactured or produced or for which the origin of production or manufacturing is unknown or uncertain; create new offences for possession of equipment for producing or manufacturing illicit tobacco; and adjust penalties for existing offences; Excise Act 1901 to: allow for a person who possesses illicit tobacco to be issued with an infringement notice instead of being prosecuted for the offence in certain circumstances; clarify that illicit tobacco for which the origin of production or manufacturing is unknown or uncertain can be seized and forfeited; and define tobacco to align the meaning for excise and excise-equivalent customs duty purposes; and Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and Excise Act 1901 to make consequential amendments.

Progress of bill

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House of Representatives
Introduced and read a first time 15/02/18  
Second reading moved 15/02/18  
Second reading debate 28/02/18  
Second reading agreed to 28/02/18  
Third reading agreed to 28/02/18  
Introduced and read a first time 19/03/18  
Second reading moved 19/03/18  
Second reading debate 16/08/18  
Second reading agreed to 16/08/18  
Third reading agreed to 16/08/18  
Finally passed both Houses 16/08/18  
Assent 24/08/18 Act no: 82 - Year: 2018

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Bills Digest

  • Considered by scrutiny committee (21/03/2018): Senate Standing Committee for the Scrutiny of Bills; Scrutiny Digest 5 of 2018
  • An electronic version of this Act is available on the Federal Register of Legislation (www.legislation.gov.au)