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Privacy Amendment (Public Health Contact Information) Bill 2020

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia








Privacy Amendment (Public Health Contact Information) Bill 2020



(Amendment to be moved by Senator McKim, on behalf of the Australian Greens, in committee of the whole)

(1)     Schedule 1, item 1, page 4 (line 6), at the end of the definition of registration data , add “, and includes the person’s phone number”.

[registration data]

(2)     Schedule  1 , item  2 , page 11 (line 3) , before “ A person ”, insert “ (1) ”.

[decrypting data store]

(3)     Schedule  1 , item  2 , page 11 (after line 7) , at the end of section  94G , add:

             (2)  A person commits an offence if:

                     (a)  the person decrypts encrypted data; and

                     (b)  the data is COVID app data that is stored on the National COVIDSafe Data Store; and

                     (c)  the decrypting of the data is not for the purpose of, and only to the extent required for the purpose of, undertaking contact tracing.

Penalty:   Imprisonment for 5 years or 300 penalty unit s, or both.

[decrypting data store]

(4)     Schedule 1, item 2, page 11 (after line 13), after paragraph 94H(1)(b), insert:

                   (ba)  show whether or not the other person has COVIDSafe downloaded or in operation on a communication device; or

[additional COVIDsafe offence]

( 5 )     Schedule  1 , item  2 , page 15 (before line 14) , before subsection  94R ( 2 ), insert:

          (1A)  An act or practice in breach of a requirement of the Biosecurity (Human Biosecurity Emergency) (Human Coronavirus with Pandemic Potential) (Emergency Requirements—Public Health Contact Information) Determination 2020 in relation to an individual, which occurs before the commencement of this Part, constitutes an act or practice involving an interference with the privacy of the individual for the purposes of section 13.

Note:          The act or practice may be the subject of a complaint under section 36.

[breach of biosecurity determination]

( 6 )     Schedule  1 , item  2 , page 15 (line 15) , after “ subsection (1) ”, insert “ or (1A) ”.

[breach of biosecurity determination]

(7)     Schedule 1, item 2, page 15 (line 18), at the end of subsection 94R(2), add “or the determination referred to in subsection (1A)”.

[breach of biosecurity determination]