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Australia Council Bill 2013

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia






Australia Council Bill 2013



(1)     Clause 4, page 3 (before line 15), before the definition of appointed Board member , insert:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts practice means the creation or performance, wholly or partly by artists who are Aboriginal persons or Torres Strait Islanders, of arts.


(2)     Clause 9, page 6 (after line 28), after paragraph (1)(b), insert:

                   (ba)  to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts practice;

                   (bb)  to support Australian arts practice that reflects the diversity of Australia;

                   (bc)  to uphold and promote freedom of expression in the arts;

                   (bd)  to promote community participation in the arts;


(3)     Clause 11, page 8 (line 27), omit paragraph (b).


(4)     Clause 31, page 18 (lines 6 and 7), omit the note.

[committee membership]

(5)     Clause 31, page 18 (after line 7), after subclause (1), insert:

          (1A)  If the terms of reference of a committee include providing advice, or making recommendations, about policy, or the provision of financial assistance or guarantees, in relation to the arts (or any of the arts), the Board must ensure that the members of the committee include at least one person who has relevant experience in the arts.

[committee membership]