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Broadcasting Services Amendment (Media Ownership) Bill 2002

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The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia




Broadcasting Services Amendment (Media Ownership) Bill 2002


(1)     Schedule 2, page 5 (before line 9), before item 1A, insert:

1AB  Before section 44


43B   Material of local significance—metropolitan commercial television broadcasting licences

             (1)  For the purposes of this section, a metropolitan commercial television broadcasting licence is a commercial television broadcasting licence that has a metropolitan licence area (as defined by section 61B).

             (2)  The ABA must ensure that, at all times on and after 1 July 2004, there is in force under section 43, for each metropolitan commercial television broadcasting licence, a condition that has the effect of requiring the licensee to broadcast to each local area, during such periods as are specified in the condition, at least a minimum level of material of local significance.

             (3)  The condition must define local area and material of local significance for the purposes of the condition. The definition of material of local significance must be broad enough to cover news that relates directly to the local area concerned.

             (4)  To avoid doubt, this section does not:

                     (a)  prevent the condition from setting out different requirements for different types of material; or

                     (b)  prevent the condition from specifying periods that recur (for example, the hours between 7 am and 10 am Monday to Friday); or

                     (c)  prevent the condition from setting out different requirements for different periods; or

                     (d)  create any obligations under subsection 43(2) that would not exist apart from this section.

             (5)  Subsection 43(5) does not apply to the condition.

             (6)  This section does not, by implication, limit the powers conferred on the ABA by section 43 to impose, vary or revoke other conditions.

[material of local significance]