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Wednesday, 14 May 1980
Page: 2240

Senator WALTERS (Tasmania) - I believe that the Government has designed the Conciliation and Arbitration Amendment Bill along very similar lines to the National Companies and Securities Commission Bill which requires companies to account and audit their financial affairs. Let us ensure that organisations registered with the Conciliation and Arbitration Act abide by very similar legislation. Despite what Senator Button has said tonight, the legislation is very similar.

Senator Cavanagh - Senator Buttonjust said they do not.

Senator WALTERS -Yes, I realise the point he made. Senator Button said that the companies were not accountable in the same fashion as the organisations. He implied that the organisations were solely unions. That is not so. The organisations also include employer groups. I do not think Senator Button at any stage referred to those particular organisations. We live in a democratic country. I believe it is essential that any organisation that is registered in a Commonwealth Act abides by the principles of a democracy. I believe that this Bill provides for just that. It encourages members of an organisation to participate fully in the running of their organisation. It enables them to do that effectively by having the ability to scrutinise the financial accounts of that organisation.

Debate interrupted.

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