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Thursday, 6 March 1980
Page: 702

Senator Douglas McClelland (NEW SOUTH WALES) asked the Minister for National Development and Energy, upon notice, on 2 1 February 1980:

(   1 ) What has been the total production of Avgas in Australia in each year from 1 975 to 1 979.

(2)   What percentage of Australian Avgas requirements has been imported in each year from 1975 to 1979.

(3)   What percentage of Australia 's Avgas has been supplied to: (a) New South Wales as a whole; and (b) provincial areas and city areas of New South Wales.

(4)   What percentage of New South Wales' Avgas supply has been allocated to (a) scheduled air services; (b) commuter airlines; (c) agricultural use; and (d) charter operators, in each year from 1 975 to 1 979.

Senator Carrick - The answer to the honourable senator's question is as follows:

(   1 ) Avgas production in Australia was: 1975-39,62 1 kl: 1976- 47,218 kl; 1977-52,738 kl; 1978-56,413 kl. 1979 data is not yet available.

(2   ) Net imports of Avgas as a percentage of Australian requirements were: 1975- 43.5 per cent; 1976- 58.8 per cent; 1977- 70.3 per cent: 1 978-40.6 per cent; 1 979 data is not yet available.

(   3 ) ( a ) The consumption of avgas in the New South Wales marketing area as a percentage of total Australian consumption was: 1975-26.2 per cent; 1976-27.2 per cent; 1977-25.7 per cent;1978- 26.7 per cent, and 1979-27.6 per cent. (3)(b)and (4) Statistics are not available.

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