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Wednesday, 21 April 1971

Senator O'BYRNE (Tasmania) - I want to say a few words about these 3 little dots. I would like to say first that General Eisenhower was a great general. He had the equipment and the numbers to clean up in Europe. The main fighting that helped General Eisenhower to become such a great man was done in eastern Europe. The millions of people who laid down their lives in Europe are still not comprehended by the people of Australia and the United States of America. Many of the people of England, which was really involved in the European war, do not know of the sacrifices that were made on the land by human beings to defeat Fascism in Europe. General Eisenhower became great because the United States of America was able to sit back and inherit the greatness of the British Empire.

Senator Poyser - It did the same in the First World War.

Senator O'BYRNE - Of course it did the same in the First World War. It did it twice. In doing so the United States inherited all the greatness and power of the British Empire. With the equipment that he had at his disposal and the great power that had been inherited, General Eisenhower went into Europe and mopped up after the main fighting had been done on the ground in eastern Europe and the Fascist Nazi army had been defeated. General Eisenhower then went back to the United States and started to talk about South East Asia, the next part of the world that was in Hitler's plan of domination, with Italy and Japan, of the world. The great patriots opposite are getting up and speaking because they think that the memories of the people of Australia have faded.

Senator Little - You were privileged to know about Hitler's plan.

Senator O'BYRNE - You would not know anything. You would have been that far behind in the queue when any fighting was going on that you would not have been seen. You are Little by name and little by nature, so please do not interject. The great expert on South East Asia, General Eisenhower, went back to the United States a hero and great tributes were paid to him. He was hailed as the great scion of the Establishment, the man who won the war for the West, and he became President of the United States. That was typical of this front man. He then became the writer of scripture and, because someone left out some of his magic words and put in 4 dots the great Magnus had to get up here and put the record straight.

Eisenhower said that if Indo-China fell that piece of land would be forgotten and the last great populated area would fall to the Kremlin. I notice that there is one sur vivor of the Australian Democratic Labor Party present. This is the type of thing that the Democratic Labor Party has been living on. It has survived on this myth of the Communists of the Kremlin and China raping women, of red arrows coming down and this type of thing. This type of propaganda has been foisted on the people of Australia because Australia is isolated in Asia. This strip of land in South East Asia and all the people that Senator Sir Magnus Cormack spoke about will be outflanked and will become part of the Soviet empire! What sort of rubbish is this? What sort of propaganda is this? If honourable senators on the Government side are truthful to themselves, do they believe it? There is no hope of this area becoming part of the Soviet empire because the Vietnamese people have had a say in this. The Vietnamese people have said: 'We are not going to be a little strip of country which will be outflanked and become part of the Soviet empire.' Even before 1950 they overcame the Japanese. They overcame the French and they have overcome the Australians and the Americans. Their race will survive despite our great overall purpose of subduing them and subverting them. These people will survive as an ethnic race and will guide their own destiny.

The kerfuffle put forward tonight by Senator Sir Magnus Cormack about General Eisenhower's grand plan and the 4 dots comes down to this: Whatever we like to say in this Parliament, South East Asia is peopled with human beings who have a pride in their race and a pride in their destiny. They are not going to be subverted and subdued by mercenaries, of whom we are a part, who try to overcome them by the strength of arms. We are not going to be persuaded because there are 4 dots which indicate something is missing from Eisenhower's speech. Eisenhower was a stooge of the system. He will not live in history. He only helped to bring America into its present state of affairs where it is divided over this very issue of South Vietnam.

Senator Sim - Ha, ha!

Senator O'BYRNE - This is true, Senator. You know it but you try to laugh it off. I will go one step further and refer to the rich empire of Indonesia. We saw this rich empire under the control of the

Dutch. If ever an arrogant colonial power bestrode Indonesia it was the Dutch. They kept the people in subjugation and poverty. Then Sukarno took over. The Australian Government tried to do everything it could to destroy him. Now another military group has taken over in Indonesia and the Dutch are coming back there to establish the old colonial rule. This is a rich part of the empire.

But we have to live with these people in South East Asia. Geographically we are part of Asia and we are a nation of only 12 million or 13 million. Our good old friends, the Eisenhower clique, the British and the other European people have left us adrift. They have formed their own trade union, the European Economic Community, and they are not going to worry about our future. The former Minister for Defence, Mr Fraser, admitted this in the last few days. He said that we have to look to our own resources and to the very people who are included in the area represented by the 4 dots about which Sir Magnus Cormack spoke. I want to put on record tonight that the rich empire of South East Asia-

Senator Keeffe - Senators on the other side are running away.

Senator O'BYRNE - They had better run away. That is their form. They cannot stand the truth.

Senator Sim - You cannot answer him.

Senator O'BYRNE - You cannot either. Senator Sir Magnus Cormack went to thi trouble of referring tonight to the 4 dots in the extract from Eisenhower's speech. He referred to the deletion. We know what Eisenhower meant. Eisenhower had the great plan, the grand strategy, that the United States had the divine right, after the Second World War and after all the sacrifices by the satellites around the world. I refer to our troops from Australia, from New Zealand and all the other countries which contributed towards the destruction of a negative philosophy of Fascism which was the ultimate of capitalism. Eisenhower inherited this and his words of wisdom have to be quoted in this place in full. You could not afford to have dots inserted. Eisenhower's philosophy was that America had the prerogative and the responsibility of telling all these people in South East Asia how to run their business, and this has been going on ever since. That is why we are involved in the war in. Vietnam. That is why we are not participating in the possibility of exchanging trade with Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaya, Burma, Thailand, India, Ceylon, Nepal and all these other places. We have no claim to friendship with them. We have never done anything to warrant their friendship. This is the Eisenhower philosophy: Dominate these people and stop the Kremlin from taking over. This war, the fear instilled in the minds of people.

That has been a false philosophy and that is what is wrong with Australia's foreign policy at the moment. We antagonise the people we should be cultivating, the Indonesians and others in South East Asia, by our attitude and our involvement in the Vietnam war. Australia is a wealthy neighbour and should be giving the maximum possible help to Indonesia. The Dutch, the Canadians and others are giving more to that country. They are doing more to help the Indonesians up the social scale while Australia is staying by the silly old shibboleths of the past, saying that Eisenhower's philosophy continues and is still valid, lt is not valid. His philosophy was negative and destructive. The policy of the United States in the past has led it into chaos, where it has nothing externally and very little internally.

Senator Sir Magnus Cormack - Who are you hectoring?

Senator O'BYRNE - I am hectoring you about this matter of the 4 dots and the story you told about them. We should not hang on to the old stupid idea that the white man is superior, that the empire and the colonial system have any place in the world. They have had their time in history. We are now on a watershed and have to measure up to the real issues. We are human beings and the brotherhood of man will exercise its power. It is going to exercise its power in Australia. All profit comes from the working men in Australia. Owners of industries have to rely on the working man for their profits. They either have to overcharge the consumer or exploit the employee in order to make their profits. This system has been challenged, thank goodness, and it is the crisis facing us in Australia.

We have to be able to compete and exchange our goods on world markets otherwise we will be the onion in the petunia patch of South East Asia. We have to make friends with the people of Asia. We have no alternative. If we do not trade and exchange ideas and goods, then we will cease to exist economically. We have to forget the Eisenhower philosophy because the days of colonialism are over. The days of world domination by the United States are over. The days of internationalism, the days of the United Nations, the days of world federation of mankind are dawning. The honourable senator stood tonight and spoke about 4 dots which indicated that something was missing in a speech made by an insignificant politician like Eisenhower. Although he was a great general, he was a insignificant politician. Such an act is indicative of the myths and fallacies of this day and age. I think Senator Keeffe did well not to mention those 4 dots and Senator Sir Magnus Cormack did an injustice to the cause in mentioning them tonight.

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