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Wednesday, 7 April 1971

Senator YOUNG (South Australia) - There is one point that I would like to make to Senator Murphy on this matter. As 1 said the other night, we have an entirely different set of circumstances here. Firstly, the man who has met his responsibilities to his fellow growers and the industry has no worry whatsoever. The area of concern is to catch those who have tried to dodge their responsibilities. If we do as Senator Murphy has suggested and reduce the period to 12 months, we will incur a great increase in the cost of the policing and administration of this levy: a great deal of the levy that will be collected will be used in trying to keep a very few growers honest and trying to make them accept their responsibilities to their industry. In that case we would have a levy that was virtually being wasted because of the restriction of time. If we make the period 3 years or 5 years, we will be able to have a lesser number of inspectors who will be able to catch up with those growers who have not met their responsibilities. This is the point on which there is disagreement.

I wish to emphasise again that the main aspect of this Bill is that this is a grower levy collected from the growers to help the growers themselves. The grower who tries to dodge his reponsibilities is the one whom we are trying to catch in this 5-year or 3-year period, f can assure Senator Murphy that if he were to ask a great number of the growers throughout the industry what they would like he would be informed, as I have been informed, that they are quite happy with 5 years or 3 years; but they are concerned that if the period is too short the policing may cost nearly as much as the amount collected or much of the levy will be wasted on administration. I must say that I definitely would not be happy to see the period set at 12 months.

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