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Monday, 15 March 1971

Senator BYRNE (Queensland) - 1 draw attention to a slight drafting difficulty. 1 am not quite sure that paragraph (2) can be left out on the amendment moved by Senator Murphy. Paragraph (2) reads:

In relation to the Legislative and General Purpose Standing Committees, ihe Standing Committee System be varied as follows -

My understanding of what is proposed is to delete the words after 'Senate'. If we did that the matter would not How in any sense at all. We would have to take out the words ., relation to the Legislative and General Purpose Standing Committees' and insert the words 'The Standing Committee system be varied as follows'.

Senator Murphy - The way it will read is 'In relation to the Legislative and General Purpose Standing Committees the Senate resolves that the Standing Committee system - '.

Senator BYRNE - You would have to put in the words 'the Senate resolves'.

Senator Murphy - We have done that. The words 'believing that there should be a clear recognition of the different roles to be performed by Standing Committees and Select Committees, and affirming the need for the continuing role of each,' will be deleted. It does read correctly.

Senator BYRNE - Do 1 lake it that paragraph (2) (e) will be deleted in terms of Senator Murphy's amendment?

Senator Murphy - I think that will follow.

Senator BYRNE - I am not sure of what Senator Sir Kenneth Anderson has in mind in the terms in which clause (e) has been drafted. Clause (e) reads:

That, unless otherwise ordered, matters referred to Standing Committees should relate to subjects which can bc dealt with expeditiously.

The Democratic Labor Party has a point of view on this.

Senator Sir Kenneth Anderson - You are a bit ahead of us.

Senator Murphy - We are not dealing with that clause.

Senator BYRNE - The point is that it may not be dealt with at all.

Senator Murphy - We will come to it. The proposition is that the words 'with the exception of those Committees already established' be inserted after the word That'.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

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