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Thursday, 25 February 1971

Senator McMANUS (Victoria) - I had not intended lo continue my remarks this morning but for a statement in the Press that those responsible for the production of the university paper 'Woroni' had no reason to believe, or had had no indication, that any action would be taken in regard to that paper. I have been told that the person mainly responsible for the paper is of some prominence in the Australian National University and that it is possible that this legislation will have the effect of placing him on the University Council. Frankly. I do not like the prospect although I believe in the principle of student representation. If we are to concede that principle then the Senate is entitled to say to the students: 'You are claiming the right to be represented upon a highly important and responsible body so you must show that you are responsible people.' Therefore, I have decided to move, as an expression of opinion, an amendment to the motion. That the Bill be now read a second time'. I move:

At the end of motion add: 'bin the Senate believes that a university student body seeking representation in the control of a university has an obligation lo show thai il has a sense of responsibility and regard for the good name of the university which would be manifested, for example, in a rejection of crude pornography as a feature of official student journalism.'

That is a moderate statement but, I believe, a strong statement of the Senate's view that a university student body should be a responsible student body, lt will be noticed that I refer to official student journalism. I suppose a student body could not be held responsible for some of the non-official publications which appear on university campuses and which are of the type that certainly do not resemble the Salvation Army's 'War Cry'. The publication 'Woroni' is regarded as the mouthpiece of the student body. Every student contributes to the funds which produce it. Therefore it bears an official character, lt is is to be put out as a publication which represents the attitude of the student body then I think that the Senate is entitled to express its view upon it. 1 understand that I will require a seconder for my amendment.

The DEPUTY-PRESIDENT (Senator Bull) - Order! Is the amendment seconded?

Senator Byrne - 1 second the amendment.

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