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Wednesday, 24 February 1971

Senator HANNAN - I did not refer at any time to a refusal by 3KZ to accept advertising, but accuracy has never been one of Senator Kennelly's attributes.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT - Senator Hannan is entitled to explain himself in respect of the. matter on which he claims to have been misrepresented. I call Senator Hannan.

Senator HANNAN - I hope 1 can be heard through the interference. Senator Kennelly said that last' night 1 had criticised 3KZ for refusing to accept a Liberal Party advertisement. I made -no such reference in my speech. As to his Other low down implications, which could come only from a person of his type, the information I used is available from other sources.

Senator Kennelly - Mr Deputy President, if I thought that you understood how hurt I am I would not- ask for a withdrawal. I believe the statement made by Senator Hannan is unparliamentary. I think it is unparliamentary to refer to another honourable senator as having made a low down statement, lt pains me very greatly, coming from the honourable senator, and I ask for the statement to be withdrawn.

Senator HANNAN - 4 will not withdraw, Mr Deputy President.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Senator Laucke) - Will " you withdraw. Senator Hannan?

Senator HANNAN - I am prepared to make a conditional withdrawal, on the condition that Senator Kennelly withdraws the words 'low down' which he used in his speech.

Senator Cavanagh - I rise to a point of order. My point of order .is that a withdrawal has been requested. S'ou, Sir, have decided that there is .justification for a withdrawal. You have asked for a withdrawal and it must be done without conditions attached to it.

Senator Wright - Speaking to the point of order, I think it is proper to recall that Senator Kennelly in the course of his observations, after asserting that Senator Hannan's information had come from a confidential source, said: 'How low can you gel?' I am putting a point of view-

Senator Willesee - I rise to a point of order.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT - Order! Senator Willesee will be seated.

Senator Willesee - I am rising to a point of order on the utterances of Senator Wright. I might point out that Senator

Wright would certainly be in order if you had not already given your decision, Mr Deputy President. You have given your decision that Senator Hannan withdraw. It is long standing practice that a withdrawal is always made without equivocation. Any argument as to whether you are correct in your judgment cannot now be entertained as you have given your decision.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT - I asked Senator Hannan whether he would withdraw.

Senator HANNAN - In deference to you, Sir, I withdraw.

Senator Kennelly - The incident is closed.

Senator HANNAN - I remind the Senate that I have asked for a withdrawal.

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