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Wednesday, 4 November 1970

Senator Dame ANNABELLE RANKIN (Queensland) (Minister for Housing) - Mr President, 1 rise to speak on behalf of the Leader of the Government in the Senate (Senator Sir Kenneth Anderson) who, as you know, is absent this evening attending a very important engagement. It is on his behalf that I speak. Firstly, on behalf of my colleagues, I thank you, Sir, for your guidance during the year, for your wisdom when we needed it, for your support when we wanted it and for your assistance when we required help in time of difficulty. We thank you for that and we appreciate all that you have done. Your task has not been easy and we recognise that the long hours of this long sitting have added to your work.

I know that my Leader would particularly like me to convey his thanks to the Leader of the Opposition (Senator Murphy) and to members of the Opposition for their co-operation. I especially thank the Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Senator Willesee) for his co-operation. I think that today he and I have worked very well in handling the problems that we have had to face. I also would like to thank the Leader of the Democratic Labor Party (Senator Gair) and his members for what they have done. Our special thanks go to the Party Whips. I speak in this regard with great feeling because I was a Whip for a record term of office and I know the problems they face when numbers are close.

I offer thanks also to the Deputy President and Chairman of Committees, the Temporary Chairmen, the Clerk of the Senate and his assistants, the other officers of the Senate staff, the attendants and those who care for us in the dining room, the people on the maintenance and cleaning staff, our Hansard reporters who deal with what we have said and make it read better, the Parliamentary Library staff who are always so very helpful when we need assistance, and to our friends in the Press. I have not seen the representatives of the Press playing noughts and crosses. Senator Gair must have a better view.

T convey thanks above all to my ministerial colleagues and other colleagues in the chamber who work in the wonderful spirit of a team. I speak not only personally of my appreciation but I convey to them the appreciation of Sir Kenneth Anderson who is not here to speak on this occasion. May T say to each and every one that our wishes are that you will have a happy Christmas, although it seems quite early to be doing so, and that the New Year may be a good one for us all and for Australia. I convey our most sincere thanks to all who have worked with us during the year.

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