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Wednesday, 4 November 1970

The PRESIDENT - We are now very close to the end of the proceedings of this session. Although it is a little early for Christmas it is in that vein that I would like to offer best wishes to honourable senators and express my thanks and appreciation to them for their co-operation in the work of the Senate during this session. It has been a heavy session. A lot of legislation has been passed and there has been quite a demand on your time and much study in order to make your contribution to the debates on the legislation before us.

In addition to thanking honourable senators for their assistance I want to express my thanks to the staff of the Senate, the Clerk and the other clerks right down the line who have made it possible for the Senate to work as thoroughly as it has. The Parliamentary Library has played an important part this year. More and more we see evidence of the work of the Legislative Research Section. This fully justifies the ambitions we had when we started moving the Library in that direction. Today big demands are made on that section. They are of such a nature that if we had sufficient room in this building we would have added further sections to the Library. At present we are actively canvassing the possibility of adding 2 more sections to the Library.

We owe a debt of gratitude to the dining room staff and people of that nature, the messengers and the staff around this building, the people who keep the boilers going or do something else, many of whom we do not see often but who all play their part right down the line. We owe them gratitude for their courtesy. We always have experienced this courtesy whenever we come in contact with them. As for the gentlemen of the Press, the relationship between the Press and the Senate is good and I think its representatives do a very fair reporting job.

Senator Gair - It is a bit sketchy. I think they play noughts and crosses up there in the gallery most of the time.

The PRESIDENT - I suppose that that can be understood if the speeches are not interesting. Thank you all very much for this pleasant opportunity of speaking to you tonight and to wish you well for the coming season. I offer my very best wishes to those honourable senators who will be candidates for election on 21st November.

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