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Thursday, 21 August 1969

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN - Senator Rae did foreshadow that he would be moving an amendment, but he has not formally done so.

Senator Rae - Speaking to the point of order, I said that I would consider moving such an amendment.

Senator McKellar - Senator Rae indicated that he would move the amendment and outlined the terms of the amendment. A little while ago he said that he had not moved the amendment, but he did ask me a question about it. That is where the matter stands. Then Senator Murphy made a suggestion. I think Senator Prowse was under the impression that the amendment had been moved when he began to speak to it, but in fact it has not been moved.

Senator PROWSE - May we have your ruling, Madam Temporary Chairman.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN - Senator Prowse referred to a suggested amendment. I think it would be quite in order for him to continue with his remarks.

Senator PROWSE - I take it that we are discussing the Bill in Committee and relating our remarks to the relevant clause of the Bill.

Senator Kennelly - The honourable senator has been in enough trouble for one night. He should not buy into more trouble.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN - Order! I advise Senator Kennelly not to buy into any trouble either.

Senator PROWSE - I have been aware at times of persons being aggrieved. Persons who have had licences cancelled have appealed to the Board but their licences have continued to be inoperative. Appeals have come to me as a member of Parliament and I have taken the matter to the Minister for further consideration. The Bill as it now stands provides a considerable advance in relation to appeals and it does in effect provide for an appeal. Proposed section 29b. provides:

For the purpose of considering a request made tinder sub-section (7a.) or sub-section (7b.) of section twenty-nine, or sub-section (3.) of section twenty-nine a, of this Act, the Minister may, it he thinks it desirable so to do, appoint a person or persons to examine the matter to which the request relates and make a recommendation to him in relation to that matter.

Surely this provides a very great improvement. It enables the Minister to appoint a form of tribunal, somebody who, I take it, would be competent and would have a knowledge of the industry. I suggest that these are all great improvements. The

Minister may appoint a person to consider appeals against a decision of the Board. Previously, of course, the appeal was from Caesar unto Caesar, but here the Minister can seek advice outside the Board. I think this is a big improvement and I think that at this stage it should be acceptable to the Senate.

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