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Thursday, 17 April 1969

Senator ANDERSON - Yesterday Senator Cohen asked me a question about CS gas. I made the point - with some vigour, I thought at the time - that CS gas is in fact a nontoxic, non-lethal form of tear gas and that in fact it is a gas which is commonly used all over the world by police for the purpose of moving civilians who are in disorder. I repeat that it is non-lethal and non-toxic. Indeed, I remember reading in the New South Wales Press several weeks ago of an instance where, under circumstances in which they needed to get a person out of a building, the police used tear gas for that purpose. As to the honourable senator's direct question about a statement made by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in another place at a public meeting in Sydney, I did read the Press article to which he referred. Whilst, as I understand the position no names were used by the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, he was clearly referring to the CS case in Vietnam. It is equally true, as Senator Gair has said, that this story was run as far back as January 1966. It is a fair commentary on the paucity of argument that the Deputy Leader of the Opposition had in this instance that he had to go as far back at that-

Senator Murphy - Mr President, I raise a point of order. I have not interrupted until now because what the Leader of the Government was doing was answering the question; but now he is proposing to depart from the question that was put to him and to comment on the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in another place. I ask that he not be permitted to do that. Question time cannot be used for purposes other than the asking and answering of questions. The Leader of the Government is now proposing to make adverse reflections on the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in another place.

Senator ANDERSON - Mr President-

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