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Thursday, 11 June 1931

Regulations : Motion to Disallow

Senator Sir WILLIAMGLASGOW (Queensland) [3.11]. - I move -

That Statutory Rules, 1931, No. 64, Waterside Employment Regulations, be disallowed.

As this subject has been debated on many previous occasions, I do not propose to occupy the time of the Senate. I, therefore, formally move the motion.

Senator Barnes - I rise to a point of order. Standing Order No. 133 reads -

No Question or Amendment shall be proposed which is the same in substance as any Question or Amendment which, during the same Session, has been resolved in the affirmative or negative, unless the order, resolution or vote on such Question or Amendment has been rescinded.

Honorable senators will recall that I took this point when the right . honorable the Leader of the Opposition (Senator Pearce) moved to disallow the previous regulations that had been gazetted by the Government and, with all respect to you, Mr. President, I think my point then was not understood. Honorable senators opposite have always contended that the Government is continually gazetting the same regulations, and I submit that, under the standing order which I have just read, action cannot be taken by the Senate to disallow these regulations unless the Senate rescinds the resolution carried previously. The motion is out of order in that it proposes to determine a question substantially the same as one which has already been determined in the affirmative this session, without the previous resolution having been rescinded, namely, the disallowance of regulations granting preference in certain employment to returned soldiers and members of the Waterside Workers Union. When previously you ruled in this matter you stated that you understood the contention to be that the regulations before the Senate were not the same in substance as those previously laid on the table. Accordingly you ruled that the motion was in order.

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