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Thursday, 28 May 1931

Senator E B JOHNSTON asked the Minister representing the Prime Minister, upon notice -

1.   Did a Commonwealth royal commission of three commissioners sit at Perth on the 20th March, 1925, and subsequently at other places in Western Australia, and take sworn evidence as to the disabilities of that State?

2.   If so, during the proceedings of the stated royal commission, did a number of representative bodies, firms, and citizens depute the originator of Empire Day and Commissioner of the Life-saving Mission, Mr. F. Lyon Wise, F.E.I.S., F.S.Sc.A., to present to that royal commission the Citizens' Patriotic Memorial, which had been numerously signed by those electors and which evidenced, inter alia, that since Australia was the birthplace of Empire Day, that day should be specially supported by all true Australians?

3.   At the sittings of 20th March, 1925, was the said Citizens' Memorial duly accepted by the royal commissioners, and did they not accord the patriotic appeal of memorialists and Mr. Commissioner Wise that those who had during many years benefited by the work and influence of Empire Day and the Lifesaving Mission, should honorably share in the beneficial upkeep of that day and mission?

4.   Were further representations made by memorialists and Mr. Commissioner Wise to the said royal commission?

5.   Will the Minister lay upon the table of the Senate the report of the royal commission referred to, the evidence given thereat, and the said Citizens' Patriotic Memorial?

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