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Wednesday, 20 May 1931

Senator DOOLEY - The reply to the honorable senator's question is as follows : -

The recommendations of the committee covered four aspects, namely, wireless communication, signals, weather reports, and equipment, and the position in regard to each is as follows: -

1.   Wireless Communication. - Consideration is now being given to the manner in which the system of wireless communication recommended by the committee can best be provided.

2.   Signals. - Immediate action is being taken to give effect to the recommendation that Verey light pistol and cartridges should be carried on all aircraft operating schedule passenger air routes. The other recommendations of the committee under this heading are still receiving consideration.

3.   Weather Reports. - Investigations are in progress to ascertain whether it is practicable to obtain the evening forecast based on observations made at6 p.m., as recommended by the committee, but in the meantime action has been taken to have available at each main departmental aerodrome special aviation forecasts issued twice daily by the bureau based on the normal morning observations.

4.   Equipment. - Inquiries are in progress to determine the necessity for duplicating the compass and altimeter on machines operating over routes where blind flying may be necessary, and where no wireless communication aids are available.

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