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Wednesday, 20 May 1931

The PRESIDENT - I have received the following letter : -

Commonwealth Bank, Melbourne, 14th May, 1931.

Dear Mr. President,

I enclose herewith a letter dated 7thinst., which I received from. Senator Sir George Pearce in connexion with the matter raised by Senator Dunn in the Senate on the 6th inst., during my examination before that body.

In complying with the request of Senator Pearce, Ihave, after consideration, decided that I should follow the suggestion that I forward to you the documents which I received from Senator Pearce, and I think I should also refer to the circumstances under which these came into my hands. The papers referred to are now enclosed, and consist of one envelope, one letter and three sheets covering questions to be asked in the Senate.

I arrived at the Hotel Canberra by motor car at about 10 minutes to 1 o'clock onthe 6th inst. Upon my arrival I was handed the correspondence enclosed. After lunch I went directly to the Senate, and, in accordance with your kind invitation, I was immediately conducted to your room. You will remember that I asked you to arrange for my telephone connexion with Sydney, as I desired to check with the Governor of the bank some figures covered by Senator Pearce's questions. You will observe on the paper covering Senator Pearce's questions, my pencil notes resulting from my conversation with Sydney. I remained in your room till I was conducted tothe Senate. I had no communication with SenatorPearce of any nature whatsoever, other thanthose referred to in this communication.

I feel justified in submitting to you this explanation for such actionas you deem advisable, in view of the fact that the issue raised bySenator Dunn would appear to involve my honour as wellas that of Senator Pearce.

Yours very truly, (Sgd.)Robert Gibson,


The course thatI have decided to take is to lay this letter and the accompanying documents on the table of the Library for the information of honorable senators.

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