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Wednesday, 22 April 1931

Senator DOOLEY (NEW SOUTH WALES) (Assistant Minister assisting the Minister for Works and Railways) - On the 17th

April Senator Hoare asked the following questions, upon notice -

1.   For what period did Mr. A. Vaughan, civilservant, of South Australia, occupy the position of military censor during the war?

2.   What was the total amount of fees paid to Mr. Vaughan as military censor?

I am now in a position to inform the honorable senator as follows : -

1.   Captain A. Vaughan was employed on the censorship staff during the late war as follows: - (a) 5th August, 1914, to loth March, 1916, continuously; (b) broken periods during time16th March, 1916, to 16th April, 1919.

2.   The amounts paid to Captain Vaughan for service on censorship staff were: -


Senator Foll - Can the Minister say whether he has any doubt as to the satisfactory manner in which Mr. Vaughan carried out his duties?

Senator DOOLEY - I have none whatever.

On the 17th April, Senator Duncan asked the following questions, upon notice -

1.   Is it a fact that an investigation of the stock of the ordnance stores in Sydney has revealed that, amongst other stock, a number of machine guns arc missing?

2.   Is it a fact that police officers, armed with search warrants, have searched certain stores in Sydney and suburbs for eighteen such guns ?

3.   Have these machine guns yet been traced, and if so, have they been returned to the department?

I am now in a position to inform the honorable senator as follows: -

1.   The military authorities in Sydney report that no machine guns arc missing.

2.   No.

3.   See answer to (1) and (2).

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