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Friday, 12 December 1930

Senator DOOLEY (New South Wales) . - Some two years ago Mr. Theodore.made reference in another place to the prosecution of a man named Jacob Johnson, at the time secretary of the Seamen's Union. Proceedings went on for a considerable time, and there was a feeling in union circles that Johnson did not receive a fair trial, the impression being that many who gave evidence against him were perjurers, and people of very low reputation. It is to the disadvantage of the country that such an impression should be allowed to exist. Mr. Latham, who was then Attorney General in the Bruce-Page Government, gave an assurance that the complaint would be investigated and reported upon, but nothing further was made public. I have spoken to the Leader of the Government in the Senate (Senator Daly), who is at present Acting Attorney-General, and gather that inquiries have since been made, and that the honorable senator has a report dealing with the matter, and also that he will make a statement with regard to it. I should like to know whether the Leader of the Senate can give us any definite information in the matter.

Senator Sir WILLIAMGLASGOW (Queensland) [3.41], - I draw the attention of the Leader of the Senate to the fact that the Commonwealth Bank, in conjunction with the trading banks, has pegged the exchange in the interests of the Commonwealth and State Governments to enable them to meet external obligations. In view of the statement made by Senator Colebatch last night that he was aware of one exporter of meat- . who had been' able to get£14 per cent, exchange on certain credits which he was able to provide in London, will the Government request the Commonwealth Bank, if possible, either to close up the leakage in the exchange, with a view to giving effect to the intention beforementioned, or to unpeg the exchange so that all exporters will be placed on the same footing, and the producers of exportable products will know what price they may expect- for their goods ?

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