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Friday, 5 December 1930


I direct your attention, Mr. President, to a report which appears in to-day's issue of the Canberra Times relating to what is described as an " angry scene " in the Senate last evening. The opening paragraphs of the report reads -

An angry scene, in which two senators almost came to blows, took place on the floor of the Senate last night afterthe President (Senator Kingsmill) had left the chair for the dinner adjournment.

Heated exchanges passed between Senators Rae and Dunn, on one side, and Senators Lynch and Cooper, on the other, in the presence of a few senators and members of the staff, who stood in wonderment at such an unprecedented scene.

The President, powerless to intervene in his official capacity, remained in the chamber an amazed spectator.

I ask you, sir, if your attention has been drawn to the report, and, if so, whether you deem it advisable to make any statement thereon.

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