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Friday, 14 November 1930

Senator DALY - The Commonwealth Statistician has supplied the following information : -

1.   The basic wage in. 1911-12 based on retail price index numbers for the six capital cities was 50s. 6d. per week.

2.   The basic wage in 1928-29 was 85s.6d. per week, exclusiveof " the Powers' 3s. per week."

3.   The average nominal rate of wage for adult male workers in 1929-30 was 101s. per week. The average unemployment for 1929-30 was14.6 per cent. Applying this percentage to the average wage, the average rate of earnings would be 86s. 3d. per week.

4.   The average nominal rate ofwage in 19 11-12 was52s. 7d. per week.Taking this amountto equal 100, the average nominal rate of wage (101s.) in 1929-30 would equal 192. Allowing for unemployment at both periods, the figures would be 100 in 1911-12 and 173 in 1929-30.

5.   The retail price index numbers (food, groceries and rent - all houses) for 1911-12 was 1951: for 1928-29, 1785: and for 1929-30, 1783, for six capital cities consideredas a whole.

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