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Thursday, 30 October 1930

Senator REID (Queensland) .- I register my protest against the calling of the Senate together when the Government has no business to place before it. and I ask the Leader of the Government (Senator Daly) why honorable senators have been summoned to Canberra in these circumstances. I have been a member of this chamber for some years, and I have never previously seen such a demonstration of ministerial incapacity as has been displayed by bringing members together from all parts of Australia, and having no business to place before them.

Senator Daly - The President,not the G overn ment, brought us together.

Senator REID - Everybody knows that the President summons the Senate only when the Government wishes it. to meet. As a senator who resides in one of the distant States, I protest against being called to Canberra when there is no business to put before the Senate.

The PRESIDENT (Senator the Hon W Kingsmill - The motion is, "That the Senate atits rising adjourn until Wednesday, the 12th November, at 3 p.m."

Senator REID - That is exactly what I am objecting to. When the Senate last adjourned, it authorized you, Mr. President, to call us together when there was business to be done; but the Senate has no business with which to proceed. I object to being summoned here from Queensland, and having to remain idle in Canberra for ten or twelve days. In submitting the motion before the Senate, the Leader of the Government failed to justify thesummoning of the Senate at this time, and two of his followers who spoke to the motion were also unable to advance good reasons for the action taken. Such procedure is belittling to the Senate.

The PRESIDENT - The motion has nothing to do with the summoning of senators to Canberra, but refers to the date to which the Senate shall adjourn when it rises.

Senator REID - Usually, when . the leader in another place makes a statement, a similar statement is submitted to members of this chamber. Why has the Leader of the Government in the Senate no statement to make? He has simply submitted a motion for the adjournment of this chamber until the 12th November, lt would appear to the public that the Government has not sufficient brains to enable it to conduct its business.

The PRESIDENT - Those remarks might be more appropriately uttered in connexion with another motion, if the honorable senator wishes to give notice of it.

Senator REID - It is difficult to confine oneself to the motion before the Senate; but I shall content myself, as a senator from a distant part of the Commonwealth, with again protesting against the calling together of members of this chamber when the Government has no business to place before us.

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