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Thursday, 7 August 1930

Message received from the House of Representatives intimating that it had agreed to certain of the amendments made by the Senate in this bill, disagreed to one, and agreed to another with an amendment.

In committee:(Consideration of House of Representatives' message).

Senate's amendment.- After clause 19 insert, the following new clause: - " 19a. After section fifty-one of the principal act the following section is inserted: - 51b. Notwithstanding anything contained in this act a taxpayer who. is dissatisfied with any opinion, decision or determination of the Commissioner under this act (whether in the exercise of a discretion conferred upon the Commissioner or otherwise) and who is dissatisfied with the assessment made pursuant to or involving such opinion, decision or determination shall, after the assessment has been made, have the same right of objection and appeal in respect of such opinion, decision or determination and assessment as is provided in sections fifty, fifty-one and fifty-one a of this act.' "

House of Representatives' message.- Amendment amended as follows: -

(a)   By inserting after the word " under " the words " section twenty-one a, paragraph (n) of sub-section (1) of section twenty-three, or sub-section (2) of section twenty-nine of"; and (b) by omitting the words "the assessment" (first occurring) and inserting in their stead the words " any assessment."

Motion (by Senator Daly) agreed to -

That the amendment made by the House of Representatives upon the Senate's amendment, be agreed to.

Clause 12-

Section twenty-five of the principal act is amended -

(a)   by inserting, after paragraph (e), the following paragraph: - " (ea) any periodical subscription by a person in respect of his membership of an association (whether corporate or unincorporate) unless -

(i)   that subscription is expressly allowable as a deduction under any of the provisions of this act;

(ii)   the carrying on of a business, or the exercise of a vocation or calling, from which assessable income is. derived by him is conditional upon such membership; or

(iii)   the association carries out, on behalf of its members, during the year in which the assessable income of the person was derived, any activity of such a nature that, if carried out by that person on his own behalf, its expense would be an allowable deduction . to that person under this act :

Provided that in a case to which this sub-paragraph applies the person shall be entitled to a deduction of only so much of his subscription as bears to the whole of the subscription the same proportion as the losses or outgoings so incurred by the association in carrying out that activity bear to the total losses and outgoings (not being in the nature of losses and outgoings of capital) of the association for that year;";

Senate's amendment,.- Leave out paragraph (a).

House of Representatives message.- Amendment disagreed to for the following reason:-

This amendment will greatly reduce the total field of taxable income thereby reducing thu estimated revenue from income tax which has been included in the budget estimates fur the current financial year.

Motion (by Senator Daly) agreed to -

That the amendment be not insisted upon.

Resolutions reported; report adopted.

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