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Wednesday, 6 August 1930

Senator H E ELLIOTT (VICTORIA) .- I move-

That after the word "Australia" subsection (3.) of proposed new section 28a the words " or Great Britain " be inserted.

There should be some distinction made between companies incorporated and controlled outside the British Empire and companies incorporated and controlled within the Empire. As a matter of fact, the provisions iu sub-clause 3 will prejudicially affect the newly-established film industry in Great Britain.

Senator Sir George Pearce - If the honorable senator's amendment is adopted, consequential alterations will have to be made to other provisions in the proposed new section.

Senator Daly - The amendment is an insult to Great Britain. Senator Elliott has not read the proposed new section.

Senator H E ELLIOTT (VICTORIA) - It should be the desire of the Government to tax the American film corporations, which are drawing millions of pounds from Australia, and to encourage the picture industry in Great Britain.

Senator Daly - In South Australia a Victorian company is referred to as a " foreign company " ?

Senator H E ELLIOTT (VICTORIA) - Yes, for the purposes of the act in which the term is used.

Senator Daly - It is used in the same sense in this measure.

Senator H E ELLIOTT (VICTORIA) - Why should the Ministry aim at killing the picture industry in Great Britain?

Senator Daly - This provision is deliberately inserted to catch persons wilfully attempting to evade taxation. No company in Great Britain is doing that.

Senator McLachlan - The danger is that the persons whom the Government wish to catch might incorporate a company in Great Britain.

Senator Daly - I am surprised at Senator H. E. Elliott submitting such an amendment.

Senator H E ELLIOTT (VICTORIA) - There is no reference in the clause to the evasion of taxation.

Senator Daly - It is to catch those who establish subsidiary companies for the purpose of evading taxation. They do not do that in Great Britain.

Senator H E ELLIOTT (VICTORIA) - If the Minister will give his assurance that it will not apply to companies incorporated in Great Britain I shall not press the amendment.Will the Minister say that the provision will not apply to any company which is carrying on its business in a straightforward way.

Senator Daly -. - It will apply to any company attempting to evade taxation.

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