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Thursday, 31 July 1930

Senator O'HALLORAN (South Australia) . - This clause makes it obligatory upon organizations to keep a record of their members, and to furnish copies of it to the court at stated periods. That procedure would involve the organizations concerned in a great deal of work and expense, without effecting any really useful purpose. Large organizations would be forced to have typed from their office records copies of their list of members, which would have to be lodged with the Registrar. In the case of those organizations whose membership is of a migratory nature, lists that were lodged would be obsolete almost before they reached the office of the Registrar. I suggest that, instead of asking organizations to submit a list of their members to the Registrar, the bill should provide that they be instructed to keep 3uch records available at their offices, open to inspection by any authorized persons, as prescribed by the act. I therefore move -

That after paragraphb, the following new paragraph he inserted: - (ba) by inserting after the word " section " in sub-section 2, the words " excepting the list of its members ".

If this amendment is agreed to, I shall move further amendments to provide that a list of members of organizations shall be open to inspection at the office of the organization during the usual office hours by any persons prescribed. My amendment does not affect the efficacy of the proposed system in any way, as the record would still be open for inspection by any authorized person. Many organizations would be saved the considerable expense involved in having to type lists which, because of the migratory nature of the callings of their members, are likely to become obsolete almost before they are in the hands of the Registrar.

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