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Friday, 25 July 1930

Senator HERBERT HAYS (Tasmania) . - I am afraid that the Minister is not very enthusiastic in his own cause.

Senator Daly - It is very difficult to be enthusiastic in the atmosphere which pervades this chamber.

Senator HERBERT HAYS - The honorable gentleman said that it really mattered little whether the section were retained or rejected. It must be obvious to the Minister that it will act as a deterrent in the case of the moderate section of unionists. He has admitted that it is the militant section which causes the most trouble.

Senator O'Halloran - The section plavs right into their hands.

Senator HERBERT HAYS - Surely the possibility of an award being cancelled must have its influence on men who contemplate going on strike. Without that deterrent, they will be more likely to take the risk of striking. In the Bass Strait shipping service there was a strike almost every Christmas. The members of the union now realize that the Commonwealth Government could take over the ships and, by utilizing volunteer labour, maintain the service. The effect of this provision has been that there has not been a strike in that service since it was introduced. The fact that an award may be cancelled has had a restraining influence upon the men. The deletion of this provision will be an inducement to men to go on strike knowing that if they cannot achieve their ends they can return to work under the old conditions.

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