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Thursday, 17 July 1930

Senator DALY - On 26th June, Sena tor Pearce asked the following questions, upon notice -

1.   What quantity of spirits was in bond in the Commonwealth onthe 4th April, 1930?

2.   What quantity of spirits was in bond on the same date in 1929?

3.   What quantity of spirits wasin bond on the 28thFebruary 1930?

4.   What quantity of spirits was in bond on the 28th February, 1929? .

5.   What quantity of spirits hasbeen received into bond Since the 4th April, 1930, namely (a) spirits shipped before the 4th April, 1930; (b) spirits shipped after the 4th April, 1930?

I am now able to furnish the right honorable senator with the following information : -

1.   467,057 liquid gallons.

2.   701,780 liquid, gallons.

3.   573,157 liquid gallons.

4.   685,688 liquid gallons. 5. (a) 213,911 liquid gallons; (b) 13,504 liquid gallons, up to 30th June. 1930.

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