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Friday, 27 June 1930

By "Searchlight." [Specially written for the Telegraph. ]

I do not wish to read the whole of the article. I shall quote a portion of one paragraph only, which reads -

Five of the States and the people in the Federal Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory, would be heavily taxed for the benefit of Western Australia, which would be a violation of the federal spirit, a sure instrument towards disruption and in any case an outrage upon justice.

I could have understood an article of this biased and misleading description appearing in the press of any State except Queensland. It is extraordinary that this Queensland journal should publish an article accusing Western Australia, quite falsely, of attempting to do, in a very small way, what Queensland has been doing in a wholesale, and continentwide manner for the past generation. I am amazed at the audacity of the writer in making this charge against Western Australia because for years the people of Australia have been paying about £7,000,000 a year by way of increased prices for their sugar in order that the industry in Queensland may flourish and expand.

Senator Thompson - The honorable senator's figures are wrong.

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