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Thursday, 26 June 1930

Senator DUNN - The honorable senator spoke at length about the position of the Argentine Republic and the United States of America as wheatexporting countries. Great Britain should, if possible, obtain its wheat from within the Empire. During the war Australia stood loyally by the Mother Country in her hour of danger, so it should be the duty of those who control the huge business agencies in Great Britain to look within the Empire for their wheat supplies. Australia and Canada are in a position to meet the Empire's needs.

Senator Rae - A great deal of British capital is invested in the Argentine.

Senator DUNN - I am aware of that. But the Latin Republics of South America have nothing in common with the British Empire, so all our efforts should be directed, to inducing the Mother Country to secure her requirements in foodstuffs from Australia or the sister dominions. During the war, the Argentine supplied immense quantities of foodstuffs to Germany through Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Holland. Russia at present is fully occupied in endeavouring to meet the requirements of its own people in wheat, so Australia's future as a wheat-growing country should be assured.

New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia have agreed to join the pool, and Sir James Mitchell, the recently elected Premier of Western Australia, has adopted a sportsmanlike attitude,declaring that he will not use his influence for or against the scheme, but will allow the farmers themselves to decide. We shall take him at his word. All the evidence from Canada strengthens the case for a compulsory wheat pool in Australia. Prior to the inauguration of the Canadian wheat pool, the Canadian wheat harvest was controlled almost entirely by operators in the Chicago wheat pit.

The Sydney Worker, in a recent issue, strongly supported the Government's scheme. I take the following extract from an article that appeared in that journal : -

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