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Thursday, 26 June 1930

Wool Growing v. Grain Production.illustrations of prosperity under wheat growing.

A gathering was held on Saturday, as a response to an appeal by the Premier (Mr. Hogan) by the heads of State Departments, to consider the questions of economy and efficiency, combined with the questions of more production and unemployment. . . .

Mr. Hogansaid

The Government was not trying merely to prune; it was endeavoring to induce the production of more wealth that would, incidentally, produce more revenue and more prosperity.

The Labor Call comments as follows : -

Where the Land Is.

We have become used to slogans to assist the producer in his various occupations, such as "Eat More Fruit," "Drink More Wine," " Use More Wool," &c. ; butnone of them, apparently, have helped the grower to any appreciable extent. The Premier has invented a new one - " Grow More Wheat." It looks well on paper, and has made a stir in farming and commercial circles, but the question is: Where are the 1,000,000 acres in Victoria suitable for the purpose. It is one thing to say sow more grain, and another to reap the harvest.

Victoria is blessed with any quantity of good agricultural land suitable for the purpose of growing wheat or any other product; but, alas! this land is in the hands of the land monopolists, who graze a few sheep, cattle or horses on acres that would produce millions of bushels of grain. He iswell entrenched in his selfishness, and is not likely to give his land up to wheat-farming even in a national crisis. And we are in the midst of a crisis which will become worse before it improves. . . .

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